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7 Responses to “YOU’RE NOT SHARON:”

  1. Jennifer says:

    So cute. : )

  2. BeatleMark says:

    Two annoying individuals…..a match made in heaven! :-)

  3. james says:

    Ive always thought it very odd that Ozzie chooses to replicate the image of John, I mean its quite obvious and at the same time never talked about, if Justin Timberlake decided to copy the image of Michael Jackson down to a tee people would talk, if he was seen wearing the military thing and greasing his hair about and having a new nose, we’d all guess it was unusual but with ozzie he does John lennon completely and no ones fussed. This picture is strange in that way because Yoko is doing a double take herself of being in a picture with a john lookalike!All very bizarre..

  4. Alpha Bitch says:

    Odd hat. It looks as though Yoko’s hair was pulled through holes all over the top and then woven into medusa like strands.

  5. jan says:

    Are you? Wait a minute…

  6. cacau says:

    Paul thinked in Ozzi when wrote ‘She’s a woman’.

  7. cacau says:

    Sorry, I don’t speak English: Paul thought in Ozzi…

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