I realised when talking to a fellow Beatle friend that i havent posted many of my own photos or photos of my own Beatle adventures to my blog, so i thought i’d start with some of my favorite photos. There are only three photos in this set, but they mean the world to me, when Paul toured Aussie in 1993 it was a lifelong dream come true for me, i never thought i’d see the day where i would get to see Paul and Linda in person, and for me to see Linda who i love every bit as much as Paul was amazing.

There are so many stories and photos from that tour and i’ll post more over time, the compact version of the story is that myself and three friends travelled to every concert in Australia and i also travelled on to New Zealand. From the get go we gave just as much love and attention to Linda during her time here as we did to Paul, after getting to meet us and see us down the front at every concert while they were here they got to know us a little, our stories, and appreciated our joy, excitement and love.

Just before Paul and Linda flew to New Zealand i told them that i was flying over for the show as well, they were somewhat blown out by this and were wondering if i really was going to go over, as it turned out my flight arrived just before theirs did so i hung around the airport and the door where i knew they would be exiting from, soon enough with a few fans and news crews around they walked out, i called out hello to Linda and below is the series of Photos a friend took who was standing next to me, the photos capture the moment Linda and Paul turned to see who was calling out hello and then the moment they recognised that it was me!, Linda was calling out ‘You’re here!!, You’re here!’ Paul called out ‘You made it man!’.

Not a bad memory to have huh?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh wow that sounds like a totally unforgettable experience! good for you! hehe

  2. Anonymous says:

    2 lovely persons!good story!

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