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16 Responses to “YOU WILL FIND GREECE:”

  1. Jorge says:

    Wow! Fantastic never before seen pic of John and Yoko! Almost postcard quality with that great background

  2. Cara says:

    Beautiful “new” shot. Thank you so much for this heavenly treat. Taken in Hydra by our old pal Magic Alex?

  3. Ali says:

    Lovely picture. I’ve been to Hydra and I’m trying to think if I saw those cannons.

  4. GLCompany says:

    Hydra has some canons, they don’t look similar though.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks a bunch for posting this, I’ve never seen it before and it’s a wonderful picture. : )

  6. Vin says:

    Great pic. I wonder what John’s got in his hand.

  7. Lizzie says:


  8. maria.m says:

    great colors, thank you for sharing

  9. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    November 1969. Cool shot!

  10. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    It looks like a cine camera, Vin

  11. Vin says:

    Ah, thanks, A Car etc. I get it now – it’s one of those with a trigger-type handgrip underneath.

  12. A Different Chris says:

    All we are saying is give Greece a chance.

  13. Ken Wood says:

    Well said Chris!

  14. bluesdude says:

    Great pic..never saw it before ! Man did he get thin from just a few yrs before !

  15. Since 1963 says:

    Hmm? I wonder what could possibly have contributed to that?
    Was it something he….. Nevermind. Lol

  16. Spyros says:

    It’s in Hydra island “kanonia” place

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