John should have added a ‘Ps’, “And DON’T try and bring pot into Japan!”. :-)

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  1. mcarp555 says:

    It can bring a tear to your eye to see that in spite of all the s#!t that went down, the two of them could still relate to each other like nothing had ever happened. I’m certain that Paul looks back to every little note like this and cherishes the memories.

    Things like this always remind me of the story in May Pang’s first book (“Loving John”), where Paul turns up at the studio one night in the seventies and jams with John, playing Ringo’s drums (Ringo wasn’t there that night). Next night, Ringo turns up and notices someone has adjusted his drums, which makes him somewhat grumpy – “Who’s been messin’ with me kit?”.

    “Paul was here last night”, says John. “He played ’em”.

    Ringo continues to look annoyed; “He’s always messin’ with me stuff!”

    Oh look, more tears…

  2. Erin says:

    This relationship will never fail to fascinate me.

  3. Steve in the Bronx says:

    I found the below info posted on Face Book concering this letter:

    ” A John Lennon handwritten letter and envelope, left at a Tokyo hotel front desk for his friend Paul Drew; with a 4 page letter of authenticity from noted Beatles expert Perry Cox. Drew was a disc jockey and later a legendary radio programmer; his letter of authenticity reads in part:
    We had a great visit in the bar catching up, and the next morning I found this note which John had left for me at the front desk. In it, he recommends some Tokyo restaurants, suggesting I use his name at one–and noting they knew him as “Mr. Ono.”….

    So, it my not be Paul McCartney that it was directed to :(

  4. Maybe not, but whoever it was John should have warned them about pot :-)

  5. Jeff says:

    I now own this letter.
    I purchased it from Jeff Gold’s company who bought it from Paul Drew shortly before he died in April 2013
    It was written to Paul Drew in sept 1978
    After running into him at the hotel.
    Even John wrote a postcard to Ringo mentioning their encounter which Ringo published in his book Postcards from the Boys
    If anyone wants to rob me I keep in a safe deposit box at the bank :)

  6. Jeff says:

    It might look like a 9 in the year but the last # is a sloppy 8 at the top of the letter in case anyone was questioning that

  7. Jeff says:

    By 2013 Paul Drew had no children and had left his wife during this time period he became very ill and for unknown reasons decided to sell this letter to Jeff Gold’s company while he was staying in an Assisted Living facility in California.
    Jeff Gold was a former Vice President of Warner bros records so a meeting was arranged between a mutual friend because Paul Drew had many dealings with Warner Bros over years because of his long career with RKO radio as well as other companies.
    When Jeff Gold put this letter up for sale last year with his company Recordmecca I purchased it for a small fortune :)
    That’s the whole story !

  8. Jeff says:

    Correction …Actually I think it was sold shortly before he went into assisted living and before he could finish writing a letter regarding his friendship with the Lennon’s he died.
    I also own the rough draft of that unfinished letter which helps autheticate John’s letter.
    I have a whole file on Paul Drew

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Thank you, Jeff!
    Your generosity is very Beatle!

  10. Lizzie says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

  11. Steve in the Bronx says:

    Amazing story!

  12. Nick_L says:

    It did seem a bit “straightforward” to be a letter to Macca. I would think there would be a few Lennonisms if it were to our Paul. Then again, I may only be saying this with the benefit of hindsight.

  13. Jorge says:

    Good back story Jeff, thanks

  14. Tammy says:

    Wow!!, thanks Jeff, you’re my new best friend now :-)

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