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20 Responses to “YOKO AND SEAN:”

  1. cacau says:

    Sean is big and over weight.

  2. Lizzie Bravo says:

    so what, cacau? i am very overweight and i am part of the human race! please don’t be so prejudiced. i bet you are brazilian like me. i don’t think he is THAT overweight, and i’m sure there’s much more to him as a human being and an artist than his weight. don’t judge a book by its cover.

  3. Since 1963 says:



  4. Tammy says:

    Cacau you’re causing Miss Tammy grief, and that’s not a good thing .. not at all, not sure if it’s a language barrier thing.

  5. Tammy says:

    Oh and Lizzie, for what it’s worth i find people carrying some weight INSANELY attractive, i feel a whole lot more comfortable with them than with a body builder, i was looking at the new footage of you and Gayleen and i never realised how beautiful and attractrive you are, so don’t take any halfwitted judgements from people to heart, all sorts of people find all sorts of different and other people attractive.

  6. Sara S. says:

    As a fat girl myself, I take offense to cacau’s remark. I have never thought of Sean Lennon as a “fat” person. I did feel out of place in London this summer because I was obviously the biggest person everywhere I went. However, it doesn’t slow me down! I think it is time to start accepting people for WHO they are and not what they look like.

  7. lleny says:

    Sean já estava tão grande assim em 1968 ???
    Sean nasceu em 1980 !!!!

  8. Markzapp says:

    cacau is caca and Sean was born in 1975 so I don’t get the 1968 tag.

  9. Mariana says:

    The picture is pretty recent, definetely not 1968. Yoko is the shorter one.

  10. kavada says:

    When I’m seeing on Sean, he is looking like an Englishman with his clotches and his hat. I don’t know why, but I think so…

  11. Lizzie Bravo says:

    it’s a lovely picture, that’s for sure! and – like his dad – sean has times when he is a little heavier and then he loses the weight. i have to say i find john insanely gorgeous and sexy at any time, any day, any weight, any haircut, but that’s my own opinion, nobody needs to agree with me. i am not picky when it comes to him… thanks ever so much for the compliments, my dearest miss tammy – i think i look alright for 59 and a half… don’t think i could run for miss universe, but that’s another story! and i also have to say that i fall in love or feel attracted to people for different reasons, not necessarily for the way they look or their weight. i had the good looking, tall, blond actor who was so so in bed, and the short, skinny, slightly balding poet who was simply fab, just to mention two. people are fascinating, and i hope those who look at me can see beyond my many extra pounds: i have a lot more to offer than that! xx

  12. Lizzie Bravo says:

    and dear sara, don’t feel bad, i am ALWAYS the fattest person around. remember, i live in rio de janeiro, the land of the gorgeous skinny girls with the string bikinis – definitely the WORST place in the whole world to be fat!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful picture. : )

  14. Sonia Vinluan says:

    Oh someday I would love to see a picture of Sean as a newborn baby cuddled by John and Yoko.

  15. peggy says:

    I just saw Sean in mid August and he has lost weight..he is very slim and trim…he also has a lovely girlfriend of three years Charlotte Kemp Muhl who is also a model…he wants to look good for her..they both do modeling and he has for several years…there is a lovely book of photographs of just them that just came out very recently..

    Here is the link: http://www.alexfreund.com/

  16. beatle55 says:

    hey miss lizzy. most of them skinny girls probobaly had plastic surgery, so i’d rather have the real deal than plastic unless it was the plastic ono band featuring eric on lead guitar. love, a friend.

  17. Ishie says:

    it’s not what one looks but who they are as a person that matters.

  18. michelle says:

    this pic can’t be from 1968: Seanwasn’t eaven boren then.

  19. Lizzie Bravo says:

    thanks for the support beatle55, but the truth is, these girls were BORN that way! i have an almost 18 year-old granddaughter and an 18 year-old nephew, so i have been surrounded by teenagers for years. these girls are like sculptures! they wear no make-up and are just naturally beautiful and slim.

  20. Greg R says:

    Sean and Charlotte are touring now with their band (GOASTT – Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger) and I bought a ticket to see them here in Seattle on January 29th. I was sort of amazed at how cheap the tickets were (I think like $12) and how small of a venue it is where they’ll be playing. Very excited to see them! They’ve got some cool minimal, folky sounding tunes.

    I recently saw a great video of Sean wailing on a guitar as part of GOASTT too:


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