Yes Virginia, Broadstreet really happened.

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  1. Nick D. says:

    Ok..Missy…Fess up!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Excuse my ignorance one more time, but who are the two people with Paul? And yes, Broadstreet REALLY happened… I got a letter in the mail inviting me TO STAND OUTSIDE the theatre and see Paul arrive for the premiere, can you believe that? I’ll see if I can find a link for it and post it here. Now that I look at it again, I think the guy is one of the actors, right?

  3. mcarp555 says:

    Yes Lizzie, that’s Brian Brown, who played Paul’s manager in the film. He’s a well-known Ozzy. That might be his wife, actress Rachel Ward, as well.

    BTW Lizzie, I saw your photo (w/John) and autograph to Axel in the “A Is For Apple” book.

  4. mcarp555 says:

    Correction: “Bryan Brown”, not “Brian Brown”… wrong manager!

  5. Lizzie says:

    Hi mcarp555 – my photo with John and autograph to Axel? I didn’t know about that. Can you take a photo of it and send it to my e-mail? Just a phone photo will be fine. Thanks! / Still celebrating my 64th with different friends. On Monday I will have a pdf of the Portuguese version of the book (300 pages – it’s totally ready, I just need to finish the labels for each and every photo). Four different people will read it to make sure we have it right (though we know there will always be some little mistake somewhere…). I have to finish the translation. We want both books out at the same time. I think it looks stunning, but then again, it’s my baby! Many photos no one has ever seen… Feeling a bit sad today for no reason whatsoever. My remedy: clean the kitchen and get over it! Lunch at my mother’s, afternoon with a bunch of funny male Beatle collector friends and see the sun set from my friend’s amazing house. Again, I wish there was a chat thing on this blog, where we could have live fun together!

  6. MarkZapp says:

    I, too, received the invitation to cheer Paul & Linda on at the New York premiere of “Give My Regards To Broad Street”. They might have gotten my name from the mailing list of Beatlefest attendees. I actually went up to New York City and, of course, there were hundreds of people there. I never saw them but I did raise my camera above the crowd and got a really crappy, far away photo of Paul with his face partially blocked by the back of Linda’s head. Well, technically you could say that I took a photo of Paul.

  7. mcarp555 says:

    Lizzie – email sent. Let me know if you don’t receive it.

  8. Nick D. says:

    If you join the Facebook group” Give my Regards to Broad Street” and you will the orginal invite ticket for the NYC premier.

  9. Lizzie says:

    Thanks mcarp, I did see it and I definitely signed the autograph, but I have no memory of it. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in Rio and I’m starting my work day. Feeling good! I was remembering that day in New York when a whole bunch of us got that letter and we also found out where Paul was before the premiere, so we stood outside the hotel. Not only he and Linda were there, but – I guess by coincidence – Julian was also there. There’s actually one black and white photo of them talking that day. When Paul left in the car, we all ran to get to the front of the theatre in time to see him – it was like a scene from A Hard Day’s Night, only we were all older than those girls (apart from my daughter, who was a teenager). It was a fun day!

  10. Kwai Chang says:

    Give My Regards To BravoStreet

  11. Yep, Bryan’s wife Rachel Ward.

    So glad to hear that both books are coming out simultaneously, to do otherwise would be chaos and confusing. Getting excited now :-)

  12. Lizzie says:

    Hi MarkZapp, it’s a shame we didn’t know each other then… you could have hung out with us and seen Paul at the hotel and later at the theatre!

    Me too, Miss Tammy! Very excited.

    Note to self: get off the darned photo blog and FOCUS on finishing the labels…

    Distraction is my middle name.

  13. Nick D. says:

    Hi Lizzie,

    This is the place to be
    Anyway you can see
    There’s a lovely view
    Why are there always
    So many other things to do?

  14. Lizzie says:

    I hadn’t seen this Kwai… For sure, so many things to do! Labels are all done and reviewed. I went through each and every one of the 302 pages looking for mistakes and made notes on everything for my designer. Now I will read the text printed in the book one more time. There will be four people reading and correcting it then I will read it one last time. And I have to finish the translation. Regards from a very cold Rio de Janeiro – it’s 19 degrees celsius and people are taking out their scarves and hats! We’re beach people, this is freezing for us…

  15. Nick D. says:

    Is it your winter season where you are living?

  16. Lizzie says:

    Hi Nick, I hadn’t seen your question: yes, it’s supposed to be Winter in Rio de Janeiro, but it’s been quite hot recently. Beaches are full. Lizzie is pale as can be: working on book… No beach for me!

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