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5 Responses to “YES IT IS:”

  1. Jack Farch says:

    This is actually 1971, not 72. It’s Dick Cavett in the middle.

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    I feel no loyalty towards the ‘host’. John thought he was an outlet…I say he was a limiter(ph neutralizer). John could have made more progress in the L.A. Free Press. But, the little cog did get what he deserved when he had Sly Stewart on the show…ZONKED on acid and not impressed by the patronizing remarks…dick got slammed by Sly and was made to look as much a fool for his efforts as did the addled-babbling clown. There were no winners…just the real dick cavett exposed…and Sly was on his way out.
    (What a coincidence)

  3. jma689 says:

    Typical John’s facial expression. Love it.

  4. A Different Chris says:

    Referring to Yoko’s bra, of course.

  5. Lordcat says:

    Gotta admit Yoko looks rather tasty here!

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