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  1. anonymoustill says:

    Best part of the movie. LOL.

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    I’ve never wanted spaghetti because of this waiter…

  3. stephanie says:

    John reminisces about this scene in this rare video interview , late 1980 filmed in the Hit Factory NY. 2m 30secs onwards….


  4. A different Jennifer says:

    Wow, he is animated in that video! I always sort of found this bit in the film MMT to be a stroke of genius. I mean, it was actually sort of funny, unlike the rest of the awkward film (sorry).

  5. beatle55 says:

    they said she smelled.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    I’ve always wanted to market a momen’s perfume called “Damn!!!”…
    (but that’s not what I meant)…
    She needs Alka-Seltzer roll-on

  7. D- says:

    This scene actually makes me uncomfortable. It’s ’60s humor making fun of fat people and basically accusing them of overeating and being piggy and it’s just not that funny in 2011. It’s offensive. So today, this scene kinda makes me cringe.

  8. Tammy says:

    Hi D, totally see your point, not defending the lads or anything, just mentioning that this scene John actually dreamed, there is video of John in Oct 80 explaining the whole thing in detail, and only recently i saw an interview with Paul and someone discussing MMT, and he was saying the beach love scene with the older overweight lady, and the nerdy guy was beautiful, and the BBC had wanted the Fabs to cut out the kissing scene, like i said, not excusing, just throwing this out there. It’s funny .. i guess it’s the inocence of the times, or the age they were, i guess maturity and hindsight brings about another perspective, like John’s ‘Spaz faces’, i guess if you dig down, and look into it, it WAS massively wrong and damaging to the disabled, but i confess, there is one clip where Helen Shapiro is singing a song about guys, the Beatles are in the clip and all facing away from the camera, as she passes each one they turn and mug for the camera, when she gets to John he turns and has pulled the most grotesque face, now .. i’m probably weak, and not quite pc, but i can’t help but burst out laughing, i’m not thinking of those poor souls stricken with disabilities, or laughing at them, just the face .. this is me trying to assuage my guilt i suppose. I understand tho, i look at it as the times, and there age, all their flip gay remarks, cruel things about Brian, they’re of there time, later they learnt and grew to know better (Tho i still bristle when i hear George using the word ‘Poofter’ in 1988 .. but George always was the biggest hypocrite in the Beatles heh)

  9. stephanie says:

    err Tammy, it was me who pointed out the John 1980 video comment!! (3rd comment above)

  10. My name's Betty says:

    Hey, isn’t that one of Paul’s jackets on that blonde headed ladies chair?

  11. Tammy says:

    Step up Betty and take a bow, i do believe that is the ‘Riddler’ jacket.

  12. greg raymond says:

    Kwai. I agree that is the most un-appatizing spaghetti i’ve ever seen.

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