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7 Responses to “WINKY:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    lulled by the filthy eastern ways

  2. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Give us a wink………………….

  3. A different Jennifer says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  4. maxeythecat says:

    Um….that ain’t no wink, my friends. If you actually watch the “Help” segment this is from you can see that this is just one frame of a rather severe facial tic and not some stupid bit of on purpose gurning. John himself said that he was in a fairly bad place during this time…he was eating drinking and drugging waaaay too much and the pressure from Beatlemania was really working on his head in a way that most of us could never understand. He internalized alot of his fears and insecurities, but of course when one does that those thoughts can manifest themselves physically in some pretty dreadful ways, such as tics, twitches, nausea…you name it. It really does surprise the hell outta me that Lester left this in the final cut of the film…did he really think it was John just goofing round or something? I dunno about you guys, but I cringe just about every time I see it.

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    that’s the Beatles’ most unbelievable trait…
    that they survived being Beatles…
    that’s some serious generosity
    and unbelievable coping power.
    (let the planets align…there were only 4 Beatles…never again)

  6. james says:

    Is that true?its quite believeable but then if you watch the clip it doers appear John is clowning around, mayeb he was taking the piss out of himself?I seriously doubt hed let lester leave it in otherwise…

  7. maxeythecat says:

    No, it’s not any larking about on John’s part, that is a severe facial tic and for whatever reasons, Lester left it in the film. There’s a good chance that he didn’t even notice it when he was editing the footage…it happens so fast that unless you’re reeeeally studying the movie, it would be rather easy to miss. Hell, I’ve seen” Help” God knows how many times since I was a kid and I never caught it until I sat down and watched the DVD release on my computer…even then I had to go back and watch in slo mo just to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. John himself once said that he never watched himself on screen cos he felt too embarrassed about it…at least with the first two movies anyway,so even he probably didn’t see it either. Once you do however, it’s pretty clear to see that this an involuntary movement and not a conscience effort on his part.

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