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22 Responses to “WINGS IN NEW ORLEANS 1975:”

  1. hey you says:

    how long did paul have that mullet before he wised up?

  2. MarkZapp says:

    Why must Paul’s 1970’s hair be constantly scrutinized on this site? MULLET! MULLET! MULLET! It’s all I ever read here. To me, it was just cool Rock And Roll hair. Mullets to me are Michael Bolton or Bono in the early 80’s. MOST of you(myself included)wished you could look 10% as cool as him. What REALLY upsets me was his super short hair circa 2000-2001. Now Paul has his hair a little longer(thank God) but I still read on here:”Paul, stop dying your hair”. Let him do what he wants.

  3. Susan says:

    I saw him here! Right about where he is in picture #2 – Sea Saint Studio on Clematis St.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hi Susan, I took these pics, & you are exactly right. We must have met. :)

  5. shelly says:

    Cutest boy in the world in ’63, ’75, 01, and today!
    Paul McCartney will always be the cutest boy in the world, even at 69 years old.

  6. hey you says:

    mark, relax. i don’t think mullets looked good on anyone, really. it’s nothing against paul.

  7. Since 1963 says:

    Tell you what…
    When Paul wore a mullet it did not have the stigma it has attached to it now. I and most others thought it was just cool rock star hair. It was really in the 80’s when every Camaro driving Hillbilly started wearing one (business in the front, party in the back) that the mullet really went out of style with the kids at the cool table.

  8. bibi says:

    Luv these pics Tammy and I luv Paul’s look in the 70s, I think he looked COOL! Paul & Linda had style and personally, I thought their hair cuts were terrific. I read somewhere that at one point they were cutting one another’s hair, don’t know how true that is but it makes for a fun tidbit. I don’t consider Paul’s hair in the mullet realm AT ALL, that hair cut came about sometime in the 1980s (check out some of the new wave bands of the 80s for that famed look) and Paul wasn’t sporting it.

  9. lizzie says:

    great pix jennifer!

  10. Susan says:

    Cool, Jennifer! I was only out there one day (couldn’t drive at the time so had to beg rides). My sis-in-law went all the time, tho – bet you ran into her!
    Whose leg is that by Mary?

  11. bibi says:

    SUPER photos Jennifer!!!

  12. RYDR says:

    Pauls hair was absolutely horrible in the My Love video clip-I think he let his kids cut it oofa!

  13. JAMES says:

    Its so true, Pauls hair around this time was just a rock and roll look and he carried it off very well, actually if you look back at pictures of John around 1966 he was a bona fide mullet grower and it looked as cool as it gets!I think John lennon invented it!but he had abit more length at the front and sides too, but at the back he had a mullet!now when you gte to the Michael Boltons et al, then you see how the “mullet”became more comical but beauty is in the eye of the beholder!I remember as a young teen having the poster from the Wings greatest hits on my wall and I thought Paul looked as cool as it could get, linda too looked great with that hairstyle, those were the days!

  14. D- says:

    I don’t think Paul’s hair in the 70s actually qualifies as a true mullet, which is short all over on the top and very long in the back. Paul’s hair is a shag. And it looks great on him most of the time. Of course there are exceptions (it doesn’t work when it’s toooo long in the back and too short up top). But most of the time, he rocks the shag like no one’s business.

  15. debjorgo says:

    Thank you D. Well said.

    People are getting the party in the back part but forgetting the business in the front. A business cut means short. Scissor trimmed around the ears.

    But check out those muttonchops. Paul rockin’ the muttonchops.

  16. Aeolian Cadence says:

    It’s true that Paul carried off the mullet, shag and what-have-you better than anyone else who has ever lived. But IMO, the mullet is just one of those haircuts to which history has not been kind. It was perfectly respectable in its day, kind of like Mozart’s powdered wig. It’s just that some cuts, like the classic Beatle moptop or Beethoven’s mane, have more staying power.

  17. A Different Chris says:

    Any hairstyle becomes awesome once it is worn by Paul McCartney. Maybe not for everyone, but certainly for Paul. I hope he celebrates his 70th birthday with a mohawk!

  18. Michael says:

    To this day, I think Paul’s hair on the Red Rose Speedway cover is very cool. I actually took that album to the stylist to show the way I wanted mine cut (back in the day). It’s not a mullet…it’s a shag. Cool in it’s day… In my humble opinnion, anyway.

  19. hey you says:

    it’s a mullet people.

  20. Michael says:


  21. Great pics Jennifer! Do you have more? I would love to see if I, my brother or mom are in any of your crowd shots. I have been searching for years waiting for someone to post their pics. Maybe I have a photo or two of you? Read my story on the website attached. All the best! Richie

  22. Jorge says:

    1st pic, ahhh the good old days when child seat belt laws weren’t required!

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