Hi everyone,

I wanted to take this opportunity
to say how sorry
i am if i have offended anyone with
my ‘Fab Flatulant’
series of photo’s.

I realise the Fabs mean so much to so many,
and in no way did i mean to cause people
to recoil in shock, disgust or
dismay, that was never my intention.

I think so highly of the Beatles
body of work and i can now appreciate
how the discussion and
mocking of the Beatles posteriors can
detract from the serious study of important
area’s of research such as labelology,
matrix number research,
international cover variations,
memorabilia, timeline
documentation etc etc.

It was never my intention to treat the Fabs
with disrespect, or in a mocking manner.

The abject joy the Beatles have brought into
our lives ..


Oh Paul, You MINX!!.

4 Responses to “WIND BENEATH MY WINGS:”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not all that into potty type jokes, but it doesn’t offend me, in fact maybe it’s good to be reiminded that The Beatles were just human beings like the rest of us and yes, they farted just like everyone else!

  2. Sophie says:

    Excuse me. George Harrison did not fart. That’s why he was called The Quiet One.

  3. Frank Goes to Hollywood says:

    oh no he farted
    he was the silent but deadly one

  4. Karen says:

    The Beatles are so overwhelmingly big. Sometimes they just need to… deflate

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