1. BLJ says:

    I am a very happy camper. TAMMY IS BACK!

  2. Not Who I Think I Am says:

    I think the guy third from left is Eric Burdon.

  3. Ishie says:

    I thought it was Terry Jones ….

  4. Pete F. says:

    No doubt at some F1 event, perhaps Silverstone. Looks mid-eighties.

  5. gibbonfunky says:

    It’s neither Eric Burdon or any Python. Could be Nick Mason though

  6. Jocelyn says:

    Yeah, it can’t be Terry Jones – his pants are up!

  7. CS says:

    Starting from the left: Jeff Lynne, George, Terry Jones and… some guy.

  8. YannickJoker says:

    Not Terry Jones. Besides a Beatles fan this is also a Monty Python fan and it’s not Terry Jones.

  9. BeatleMark says:

    I think the third guy is Dustin Hoffman. :-) The fourth might be Lyle Lovett or that guy from Simply Red. 😛

  10. Markzapp says:

    I think the guy third from left is Eric Burdon, just like my alter ego said.

  11. Beatle Ed says:

    The third guy is obviously Billy Preston!!

  12. stephanie says:

    @beatle ed: puleese ! looks nothing like Billy Preston. You were joking, right ?

    AS Tammy’s caption suggests, the 4th person might be Leo Sayer.

    I do not know the third guy, perhaps a F1 official ? Definately NOT any of the names suggested above

  13. stephanie says:

    4th guy definately english 70s singer Leo Sayer (now Sydney resident).
    He was (is) well known to be a formula 1 fan

  14. stephanie says:

    I saw Eric Burdon in concert in Sydney about the time of this photo, co-incidentally. He looked nothing like “mystery guy #3”

  15. Phil Evans says:

    I think I’ve solved the mystery man! He’s Herbie Blash…


    He’s thanked in the liner notes of George’s Cloud 9 which Lynne of course produced and there are pictures of him with Leo Sayer on the internet (completing the connection).

  16. Tammy says:

    Well done Phil!

  17. Beatle Ed says:

    I still say its Billy Preston – yes I’m joking Stephanie :) I didn’t know that Leo Sayer had changed his name to Sydney Resident though. Interesting (joking again!!)

  18. stephanie says:

    well… no one will see this comment now, everyone has moved on….
    less than 30 minutes ago I saw Leo Sayer standing by the side of the road in Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, Sydney, trying to hail a taxi.

    I should have offered him a lift and asked him abt George, and has he seen this Blog….??

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