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12 Responses to “WHO LISTEN’S TO THE RADIO:”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Really beautiful photos, the last two are probably my all-time favorite John pictures. : )

  2. MarkZapp says:

    I love the 2 on the bottom also. This was my favorite photo session of John in 1980. I guess because in these photos he reminds me of…a BEATLE!

  3. The top photo was supposed to have been J&Y hearing the radio debut of “Starting Over,” whilst still in the studio putting finishing touches upon the album it was about to start.

  4. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    GREAT photos – esp the last two – my fave John look of 1980 as well, Markzapp

  5. Ishie says:

    I loved that look as well. It was Beatlesque and always reminded me of how John looked when he first came to NYC in February 1964.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    Hey, Car!!!
    Radio Play promo film (Life With The Lions)…
    (exhale…just kidding)

  7. A different Jennifer says:

    1980 John rockin’ a moptop. I love it. He looks so young…ugh, I just find it all so bittersweet.

  8. lizzie says:

    beyond gorgeous…

  9. Bluesdude says:

    Murder is not rational in anyway. But sometimes we have to find a way too rationalize certain events just to comfort ourselves. That’s why I had to believe John’s murder was saving him from a fate worse than death. That’s the only way I could deal with it at the time. From what I understand, he was in very bad health. He had a horrible, horrible cough, he was smoking 3-4 pks of those nasty, unfiltered Gutanes and, had he lived, he would have died a long, painful death……am I making any sense hear ? Probably not. I have always felt I owe John and the Beatles so much. Every chord I play on the guitar, every song I’ve written over the yrs I owe to them. Learning their songs as a kid until my fingers bled. All of it. I wish I could have gotten to thank him some how!

  10. A different Jennifer says:

    @Bluesdude, um…I think it’s a myth that he was in bad health. What I mean is, there was no legitimate proof of anything other than a comment by the emergency doctor who said he looked very frail. I think anything else could be chalked up to Goldman.

    I think it’s just a horrible reality that we have to sort of rationalize in our own way. But in my opinion, I think John would have quit smoking and lived MANY years and accomplished many beautiful and great things- as he did in his lifetime. It’s a tragedy when someone is taken from the world in that way, so young and full of life. So…I really understand what you’re saying but I have a different feeling on John had he lived. :)

  11. Bluesdude says:

    Oh different Jennifer you speak with the bliss of the flower child. John (as was the case with George) could not, would not live a life without cigarettes….period. John’s health was an issue long before he died (read what May Pang said and many,many others) Besides, this is what “I” had to believe at the time to make sense of that horrible night. It’s the same attitude I took when 3 kids here last yr died in a terrible fire, one was only 2 mths old, and you ask why ?do you not believe any reason was responsible….fateless ? that we’re all here for nothing ? Because that’s what you would have to believe. I can’t. I had to believe those kids were being saved from a fate worse than death. And there is such a thing. That’s how I rationalized John’s death at the time

  12. George Anthony says:

    Fact: John listened to heath guru, Gary Null (google him) on WBAI-FM New York City’s Pacifica commercial-free radio 99.5 FM. John donated money to WBAI during a late 70‘s pledge drive. If you look at 1980 photos in the Dakota kitchen, you see bottles of the “best” multi-vitamin available, sitting on the shelf: “Solgar”. John was no longer abusing alcohol. All interviewers from 1980 always mentioned green tea, macro-biotic diet, raw fish (sushi) plus the dark chocolate. Bluesdude, we understand your rationalization, and all felt tremendous pain when John was murdered, but I have relatives that smoked heavy and lived into their 80’s. So, you never know…

    Today, I am listening to Mind Games and Walls/Bridges LP’s as we approach JL’s 71st B-Day. And amazing JL “radio” photos !

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