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6 Responses to “WHITE ROLLER:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Cool ‘hidden meaning’:
    “UC 1″ = you see number one…
    (you’re looking at the best)

  2. Whatever happened to John’s white Rolls Royce?

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Stop bein’ taller than me!

  4. Kristen says:

    In short, It’s one of the many Beatles mysteries. Details can be found on this website http://www.60×50.com/2011/12/lennons-lost-rolls-royce-end-of-year.html

    Tammy, it’s great to have you back. I missed my daily Beatles fix.

  5. Eric Roberts says:


    Thanks for the reference to the 60×50 blog about John & Yoko’s white Rolls-Royce. After many months of research and numerous dead ends, am pleased
    to tell you that the mystery has finally been solved. All I can say here is that
    5VD73 / EUC 100C is still in the UK undergoing full restoration. Details will
    soon be posted on 60×50, along with the identity of the current owner. Stay

  6. Kristen says:

    Wow, that’s incredible! Thanks for the update. I’ll definitely stay tuned for the details. I am surprised to hear that it’s still in the UK. The documentation led me to assume it left the country in 1986 since that’s when the paper trail ends.

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