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  1. BeatleMark says:

    OHHHH! This is a good one! Never seen this before. I’ve seen some that you posted backstage with this guitar. Could this be the last European tour ’65? And is that his sonic blue stratocaster or a borrowed guitar.

  2. DouglasLive says:

    Looks like the Strat to me too.

  3. Jose says:

    This is John’s original Fender Sonic Blue Stratocaster.
    This photo was taken during the Blackpool special rehearsal in 1965.

  4. 36012 says:

    If this is reheasal,John use Rickenbacker after this?

  5. JD says:

    I may be wrong but I believe this photo was taken at the rehearsals for the beatles’ Christmas shows in late 64-early 65. The guitar then put in an appearance at the “Yes it is” “Ticket to ride” recording sessions in which John was wearing his rather loud red shirt !

  6. stephenmcg says:

    Before “Ticket to Ride” sessions Apr 65, which was from where pictures in Beatles Monthly first saw it, it seems to have been used at Xmas Show run.Picture recently published in 2nd Hayward book.
    Well Paul had 2 epiphones around xmas so why not J and G too!

  7. talanca says:

    What JD said.

  8. beat72 says:

    Is the one and only Lennon’s fender stratocaster in sonic blue color. In 1965, his second rickenbacker 325 suffered and accident and break his neck. Look the Vox Python strap, is the same that he used always with the 2nd ricnebacker 325. Maybe he used the strato for the rehearsal, but who never know if he used the guitar for the show. That picture came in a recent beatle book, and is the only one of john holding this guitars out of the recording studio. I don’t know other sources for this picture….anyone?

  9. Guido says:

    That seems like a Vox solidbody to me.

    I thought at first it was the sonic blue Strat but look at the headstock shape. Most definitely notice a cutout in the middle which was Vox’s design and the body seems a bit odd shaped which was also a feature of a Vox Spitfire.


    Dunno for certain but my guess is a Vox rather than the Strat.

    GREAT blog!

  10. Guido says:

    OK. Blow it up and it looks like a Strat. I may stand corrected!

  11. Chelsea says:

    Yeah, this is probably his blue Strat (George got a matching one, which he then painted … it’s the famous Rocky guitar). I love the fact that the Beatles didn’t just mindlessly jump on the Fender bandwagon; Gretsch and Gibson make guitars that often sound better, in my opinion.

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