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7 Responses to “WHAT HE SAID:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    “You’re still number 1, baby”

  2. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Is this when he was posing for the cover of Rolling Stone at the time of Cloud Nine ?

  3. Kevin says:

    Question posed right before photo was taken;

    “George, what are your thoughts about you and Paul getting together and writing some new songs for the Anthology project?”

  4. Brian says:

    That’s a good one Kevin! Couldn’t have said it better

  5. Steve in the Bronx says:

    George looked great around this time!!

  6. Gibbonfunky says:

    Very disappointed at the use of one finger. An Englishman should always use two!

  7. Thiago Recife says:

    Ringo┬┤s Ring

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