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  1. Lizzie says:

    It looks like they’re getting dressed here, right? Would this be from the Henry Grossman book I will never own but forever dream of? Wait, no – I don’t think he was at MMT…

  2. Alex of Bronx says:

    You have been posting great MMT pictures lately

  3. Erin says:


  4. MarkC says:

    Beatles start “Furry” movement

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    It seems like the animal costumes were an afterthought. Aren’t there other pics from this that show unused animals? (Like Paul w/fish mask)…
    Did they start with the vision of the white(eggshell) piano and the ‘eggmen’ caps…then after that was filmed somebody (probably John) realized that they actually needed a walrus. It makes no sense to be choosing costumes with the entire crew ‘standing-by’. As I have said…storyboards would have made huge amounts of difference but you can tell that this was the first time out. Just think if The Beatles first record was made with such discipline. Unlock Abbey Road Studios and let the four of them go inside and record music…without technical aptitude. They may eventually figure out how to turn on a recording machine and thread the tape…which is about how far they got with MMT. For such visionary creativity to be applied without regard for technique is the exact opposite of visionary. Did it really have to be this way?
    Beatles w/o Brian
    (Explorers w/o compass)

  6. MarkC says:


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