Waiting for the day

At the end of last year an impossible dream came true for me .. and EVERY Brian Wilson fan, when we got to hear the completed SMiLE album, and for the REALLY lucky ones amongst us we got to see Brian perform this live. Now at the end of this year, another dream will be coming true for me when i get to see Paul playing live in America. The growing friendship between Brian and Paul has been a joy for me to watch, there is a moment in the ‘Beautiful dreamer’ documentary where Brian is waiting to go on stage and play SMiLE live for the first time, Paul walks up to him and kisses Brian, at that moment Brian clasps Pauls hands and looks into his eyes, for the briefest second you can see in Brians eyes that only Paul would understand what he (Brian) was feeling at that moment.

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  1. The Truth Hurts says:

    I am totally with you on this Brian/Paul thing. When I watched Beautiful Dreamer, I must have cried half a dozen times. Brian’s story and music are just so moving.

    Maybe I’m too critical of Paul, but I was sort of let down by how he acted with Brian before that show. Brian, like you said, obviously felt really good about Paul being there to support him, but Paul seemed troubled by it and need to get away. Maybe he actually did have something he needed to get to, or maybe it was poor editing. It reminded me of when Paul and Ozzie Ozbourne met each other at the Howard Stern show. Ozzie’s a huge Paul fan and it was his dream to meet his hero. But Paul seriously blew him off. Luckily, Ozzie was too star-struck to notice.

  2. Tammy says:

    Hi, i would never class myself as an ‘apaulogist’ :-) but the way i saw his meeting with Brian in ‘Beautiful dreamer’ was that Paul more than anyone would know what its like to have the jitters before a big show, this is the time when everyone wants a piece of you, to meet and greet etc, when i’m sure thats the last thing they want.
    Paul knows only too well Brians precarious emotional state, Brian himself has said before the first SMiLE gig he almost bolted, i think Paul just wanted to let Brian know he was there. At the end of the show Paul and John Hammel are seen in the crowd going wild, hollering and whooping for Brian.

    Maybe in the back of Pauls mind he remembered the time in 1976 when he turned up to Brians birthday party, Pauls mere presence was enough to send Brian scrambling for his bedroom where he locked himself in and wouldnt come out.

  3. Tyson says:

    Tammy, you’re in danger of becoming a screaming fan girl.

    Like, totally.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No tongue kisses, Paul. 😉

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