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2 Responses to “VICTOR SPINETTI:”

  1. nick_L says:

    In a recent issue of Record Collector magazine there’s an excellent article on Victor Spinetti where he shares some of his memories of the fabs. One in particular killed me. Apparently, during the filming of Help where Ringo is tied up with his pants around his ankles, the producer felt that that particular moment was an opportune time to show off a bit and bring in some friends to meet and greet. Ringo, obviously wanting to nip things in the bud, singled out one of the women in the group and was heard to say “Hello missus, give us a wank will you?”
    Can you say classic?

  2. David says:

    Got my MMT remastered DVD and was happy to see “subtitles”! Finally, I could understand Victor’s Royal Army Sergeant rant..but…it shows “unintelligible” during his bit except the very last line “get your bloody haircut!” Well, the extras features section at least show stripper Jan Carson’s uncensored boobs!!

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