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7 Responses to “V.B.S:”

  1. BLJ says:

    Ringo should have had his pajama pants on like the rest of them. I think he showing a bit too much in this pillow fight.

  2. Ali says:

    BLJ, no, no. The others should have had naked legs like Ringo.

  3. Lizzie Bravo says:

    totally agree with ali!

  4. BLJ says:

    Oh, you girls are so naughty :)

  5. georgiesflower says:

    Ritchie, you are such a tease! :)
    What a view 😀

  6. Sophie says:

    And his head right between Johns legs… =P
    And yes, where’s PAULS naked legs?!

  7. kth says:

    how did you EVER find this?????

    You’re my hero. :)

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