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3 Responses to “UNPLUGGED:”

  1. Kwai chang says:

    Ringo: Hey, George…give me another prelly.
    George: Sorry, Rich…John got my last ones.
    Ringo: Paul, can I get a prelly?
    Paul: Sorry, Ring…I’ve only got six left…
    Ringo: John?
    John: I’m not him, son. Ask me tomorrow!
    Ringo: I’m ruddy mad! (picks up telephone and dials “O”) I’d like to call Germany…ummm…Hamburg, please…

    And so, the third trip to Der Rheinland was not to be. The new manager is just not with it. All that coffee…and those suits…man, this won’t last long…
    decidedly straightjacketed for beginners and imports
    (preludin for everyone else)

  2. Bob says:

    Holding their wires.

  3. alex of da bronx says:

    This would make a great T shirt

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