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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Now isn’t this just how it always is?
    The Japanese are always privy to stuff that nobody else gets.
    This is obviously Japan(if those are Saki cups)
    but nowhere near Budokan…
    or the hotel.
    What the hell???

  2. Keith Bratley says:

    That’s not Japan as they didn’t tour there until 1966 and they are not from 1966.

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    I couldn’t determine the vintage. Thank you.
    It seems like photographers were dispatched from Japan armed with cultural persuasion…

  4. mcarp555 says:

    Wow, doesn’t George look more like Dhani than himself here…

  5. Keith Bratley says:

    Kwai, it could be Hong Kong on their way to Australia in the summer of 1964 maybe.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    I can’t tell from the hair what year it is. I thought it looked close to 1966. But, it could be 1964…although, they look kinda overgrown for Brian’s formal ’64 profile/guideline. If this was 1964, I think they would all be dressed alike with ties. And, those cups…I thought they were for Saki…but, I don’t drink liquor. It was a guess. They might be very small rice bowls…(kids size in the U.S.)

  7. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Here’s your answer – these pics were taken backstage at Wigan ABC 13 October 1964

  8. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    And they’re soup bowls

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Beep! Beep!
    (That’s ‘Car’ talk for ‘Happy Anniversary’!!!)

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