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7 Responses to “TRES FARKIN’ COOL:”

  1. Lizzie Bravo says:

    lovely poster! can you believe i used to get all these and CUT THEM UP and send the other 3 beatles to friends in brazil? we had this those days, used to cut everything up. crazy teenagers!

  2. Ishie says:

    Lizzie, I did the same thing. When I think of all the magazines & pictures that got destroyed to a pair of scissiors! My bedroom, wall, door & corkboard were filled with Beatles pictures & posters.

    Now, at the age of 53 I have a few Beatle photos & a Beatles calendar hanging in my work station. My love of the band has transcended over the years … LOVE IT!

  3. stephenmcg says:

    Shocked at you Lizzie B, only because with this poster it s only a day away from your “recording debut”.

    I did know people who made montage posters with the Get Back/Let it Be book!
    That said my one poster I owned from that time,fritz 69 BFC poster, the border had so many pin holes and blue tack on its back that I had to put tape on the back to saveits edge.
    Now of course its finallygot a frame and actualy sits behind a fairly pristine copy of same bought a few years back.

  4. beatle55 says:

    lady madonna sessions. there’s more of these at the beatles photo sessions web site. love, a friend.

  5. peggy says:

    Mine is still in one piece. 😉 I used to buy two copies of to cut up and one to save. I was smart back then. Now I just buy one of course. They are much too expensive nowadays!

  6. stephenmcg says:

    But Peggy, Lizzie could only do that if she had joined the fan club twice under different names at the same address!!

  7. georgiesflower says:

    I had also various posters all over my wall- and when my dad wanted to paint the walls he had to fill the holes from the nails first, the wall looked horrible! 😀

    I love John´s sideburns and George´s embroidered vest!

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