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14 Responses to “TOP OF THE POPS:”

  1. Jorge says:

    Finally, Ringo gets to be front and center!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful! : )

  3. Dave O says:

    Any chance a copy of this video (Paperback Write/Rain) will ever be found?

  4. Michal says:

    so far – nope :-(

  5. This performance, along with the footage of John in the studio in 1980 would have to be the most desired, and wanted on people’s dream wish list to see.

  6. MarkZapp says:

    Love this photo.

  7. Don Percy says:

    Hi Dave / Hi Michal. Although I’d love this clip to be uncovered (perhaps in the same serendipitous way the Hollies TOTP Bus Stop clip was recently found), I think we actually have the better Paperback Writer / Rain clips extant- with the pre-recorded video taped studio versions and the 35mm Chiswick Park clips. For me, the ‘Holy Grails’ are any of the TV recordings made (most likely never to be found) of song performances that we have nothing of. e.g. Things We Said Today, Yes It Is, Ask Me Why, PS I Love You…etc :)

  8. James says:

    Amazing to think they were the biggest group in the world and the BBC doesn’t have this performance?

  9. Michal says:

    Don, I couldn`t agree more. James, also agree with You but unfortunately it happened more than once with this group. Nem Musical Express Awards gig from april or may 1966 also wasn`t filmed due to financial agreement matters;

  10. Michal says:

    how said when comes to mind that this was their last british, formal, public performance

  11. Don Percy says:

    And they looked so cool in it! E.g. John in his shades. I sometimes fantasize that it was recorded, but not aired – and one day it will be found (however, John was probably wearing his shades because he knew it wasn’t being recorded….oh well, how luck we are to have what we do have! :)

  12. Michal says:

    true :-)

  13. Dave O says:

    I agree with you Don, I think we have the better of the PBW/Rain film clips. It would be cool though if the TOTP clips ever surfaced. I also wonder if any of the jams the Bealtes played live to the audience during the filming of “Hey Jude” were ever filmed. Lastly, since I’m ranting, please somone unearth some audio from their 1965 British Christmas tour. :-)

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