Top of the pops 1966.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    These photos are gorgeous! I just looked at them now. How come no one has commented on them??? I’m writing the text for the pre-sale of my book in Portuguese: website going up next week. I am very, very anxious. Doing all this by myself is a major task. But the book looks amazing, much better than I ever imagined. 210 Beatle pix most of which no one’s ever seen. I have to count again, but I believe that is the number. Ok, mostly of John, then Paul, then George, and only three of Ritchie, though I took many more. They got lost along the way. I wanted to have the English translation ready and release them at the same time but it’s not finished yet. It’s a heavy book… 23x23cm, I think it’s 300 pages, or 297, I have to look again. Giving birth at 64 is no easy task. But I’m ready! Pre-sale will go on for 30 days, printing should be done by mid November, if all goes well. Please wish me luck, I totally need it!

  2. MarkZapp says:

    These are all really beautiful but I think my fave one here is the third one.

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    I hope, someday, my own accomplishment can compare to yours in size and scope. Not only have you addressed the things that ‘bothered’ you the most…you have given a whole bunch of excitement to a world that has been waiting for something different. Is that you?
    I think it is!!!
    There’s no way to blame it on Rio, this time.
    We can only blame it on the innocence of Youth
    And the belief in something as cool as The Beatles

  4. Lizzie says:

    Dear Kwai,
    Innocence of youth it was… And slightly crazy parents, who didn’t fly to London to bring back their daughter, when she said she wasn’t coming home from holiday… SO glad they didn’t!

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