6 Responses to “TONGUE + SWEAT = :”

  1. Alice says:

    Hey! I get a feed of your blog on LiveJournal and just wanted to let you know how AWESOME your pictures always are, one of my must-see websites for sure! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hmmm, that looks familair. Nice screen capture eh? Seems to be some other pix I recognize… ;0
    Hofner Girl

  3. Tammy says:

    Hi Hofner girl, sorry if i’ve used some of your photo’s or screen captures, i collect and scan so many i just cant keep track of where oer when i find them, i suppose on the web it’s a given that that our pics are going to be used and cross posted, i’ve given up worrying about all my screen captures and scans that have been used from my site, in fact even my personal photo’s that i’ve taken have turned up all over the place now, i just figure if you put something up on the net it’s a given that it will be used Greg xoxo ps/ excellent capture of Pauls tongue by the way :-)

  4. Hofner Girl says:

    Hey no worries Greg. Glad you enjoyed the pix! There’s more where those came from, just say the word…Cheers!
    Hofner Girl

  5. Aniat says:


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