The above photo of Paul from 1973 is the first poster i ever had of Paul, it hung behind my bed for years. I used to stare at Paul’s black Gibson acoustic guitar he was holding, and dream that one day i would get to see him play this guitar in person, never for a second dreaming it would come true. In 1993 Paul played in Australia, and for the only time in his touring career played the black Gibson on stage. The pic below the 1973 pic is a snap i took, to freeze in time a dream becoming reality.

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  1. Pete F. says:

    Wow, great story Greg. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Louise says:

    Paul had some cool shirts. OK, he also wore some dreadful ones but that shirt in the first photo is lovely.

  3. Jennifer says:

    What a neat story. : ) I’m glad that your wish came true and that you were able to take such a lovely photo of that moment. : )

  4. Ishie says:

    What a great story. I think that each one of us have had Beatle dreams and hopefully many have come true. They gave us so much as a band. They gave us magic and continue to do so …

  5. Dan says:

    Great story – that guitar made a big impression on me, too. Never knew he used it in the 90s.

  6. Hey ya,

    You do such great work. It is important. From the east coast of Canada I write you to say – people all over the world appreciate your efforts and thank you.

    Power to You!
    Barry Henderson

  7. Alpha Bitch says:

    Beautiful story.

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