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5 Responses to “THEY SEEM TO BE HAPPY:”

  1. julio serra says:

    I’ve always thought this was a nice photo shoot. After Mad Day Out I never realised they would get together again for another session. It turned out a marvelous one. I love all the photos of that date (april 9, ’69). Bless them!

  2. Guus says:

    Does anybody know how many pictures are available of that day? I think I have collected almost 70, but maybe someone is a making a site to show them all?

  3. Ken Wood says:

    Someone already did – the date given there is April 9, 1969 (also refering to my earlier post on that other photo).

  4. Guus says:

    Thanks Ken, I knew that one, but there are only a few pics there, I was hoping for a site with more….. :)

  5. julio serra says:

    Yeah, that site is Mark Taylor’s and he never updated it! there are a lot of different frames that surfaced and we have to rely on Tammy’s archive. So everyone who has different pose from that session please send to Tammy and I’m sure he’ll post it in no time.

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