The man.

I’m SO looking forward to Paul’s next two archive sets, ‘Tug of war’ and ‘Pipes of peace’. I used to slag Pipes off, but it’s become a bit of a guilty pleasure. Once i mentally erase the songs ‘Hey Hey’ and ‘Tug of peace’ (quite possibly the worst thing Paul has ever committed to tape), i quite enjoy the album, and as per usual, find it saturated with perfect Macca melodies.

It’s funny with some of the solo albums, all it takes is for me to not really like one or two songs, and it can colour the whole album for me. Flaming pie is another example, i never really liked the album as a whole, even tho some of my favorite Paul songs ever feature on it, ie, Calico skies, Beautiful night etc. Alas, for me, it also has ‘If you wanna’, ‘Used to be bad’ and ‘Really love you’. Those three songs were enough for me to ‘turn’ and dismiss the album as a whole.

It must be my advancing years, and my growing ability to not be quite so reactionary, to look at things a little more objectively.

Music is the very personification of objectivity, for every person like me who doesn’t really rate ‘Used to be bad’, there will be someone who thinks it’s one of Paul’s best.

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  1. mcarp555 says:

    The ‘man’ and the ‘pretender’.

    Oddly, I always liked ‘Flaming Pie’, I think because Jeff made it sound like a Beatles album. It was the standout in a steadily declining list of solo albums, starting with ‘Press to Play’ (and sadly continuing through ‘New’).

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    What good is butter
    if you haven’t got bread?
    What good is Art…
    if it hurts your head?
    Might as well stay in bed.
    Keep under cover.

    (The cd format will be seen to coincide with the decline of music in general. 80 minutes is too long…bonus tracks dilute the wine…artists become LESS disciplined about their own integrity…and more suddenly becomes WAY LESS!!!)

    Say say say what you want
    but don’t play games with my affection…

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    Say Say say video was filmed in Los Alamos, Ca at The Union Hotel.
    (very near Wonderland)

  4. True that Paul’s solo work has been declining but i think that was the case with all of them. IMO it started with the ’74-’80 period for all 4 of them, that musical era was ROUGH aside from occasional gems here & there. Still remember the ears start to bleed when I first heard Ringo the IV.

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    MOONBOOT damage!
    It wasn’t just another day after all…
    He shoulda stopped @FamilyWay.
    “I got a Studer 4-Track and started playing around at home”
    Yeah, Right.
    Commercially…it was Suicide.
    Wouldn’t a unified group have earned much more than the solo collective???
    (judging by the released titles)
    Too many people baking cakes that they won’t eat themselves.
    Rock And Roll Springtime was very short that year.
    Oo you

  6. Nick_L says:

    God knows we all have our “what the hell was he thinking moments” (lyrics mostly) but more than once, I’ve gone back to songs that I wasn’t too fond of initially only to find out it’s kinda cool after all. Depends where you are in your life sometimes. Sometimes tastes change a bit. Completely disagree his material is declining. He could stand to have an Elvis Costello or two now and then to help fill out an album. Anyway, did you love every song on every Beatles album? Be honest.

  7. Tammy says:

    Thems fighting words Mcarp555 :-)

  8. Tammy says:

    That’s the point, music is completely subjective, for me, Press to play is the nadir of Paul’s output. In the mid eighties Paul was completely lost, the drubbing he got for Broadstreet was brutal, tho probably deserved. He tried to get back on track with Press using a modern producer, whom only succeeded in producing a lifeless ‘cold’ album, where besides the voice, you can’t really discern anything else of Paul. That album flopped, Paul was flailing, he started to record an album with Phil Ramone which produced nothing but opaque, MOR dross. I think at this point Paul had a major rethink, realized he was in an almost unrecoverable nose dive. That’s when he pulled together the Flowers in the dirt sessions, got a new manager who got him working as a viable, touring artist again. For me, since ‘Flowers’, Paul has been on an absolute, almost unwavering, and unmatchable upward ascendancy, with each and every album astounding me just that little bit more. I’d stack ‘Chaos’ next to RAM as my equal first favorite Paul albums. Of course, for every person like me who thinks like this, there is someone who disagrees, and that’s okay.

  9. MarkZapp says:

    “Ram” is my favorite solo album by any Beatle. I agree that “Press To Play” was his absolute worst. I have played that album twice in 29 years.

  10. Agree with Mark about Ram, an incredible record. “Ram by Paul & Linda McCartney”. Most critics destroyed that record. As far as they were concerned Linda couldn’t fill John’s shoes (“how DARE she!”, and add to that her husband dumped the Beatles and sued ’em in court.

    About McCartney: most critics in 1970 could NOT relate to songs about family, home, etc., which IMO didn’t help the reviews of THAT album either. I always found it ironic that John 10 years later used these similar themes on DF and was celebrated in general.

    OK getting off soapbox now…

  11. mcarp555 says:

    A large part of it is of course, in the mind of the listener. I was 13 when the Red & Blue albums came out, and I was hooked. So those solo albums – Speedway, Material World, Mind Games, Ringo, etc. were the ones for me. There was so much back catalog to learn and absorb! New albums every now and then – Walls & Bridges, Venus & Mars, Goodnight Vienna, Dark Horse… A few clunkers now and then (Ringo’s Bad Boy is worse than Two Virgins, for my money), but still…

    Nowadays, a grown old man, listening to Paul isn’t the same any more. No more 12 inch records, for one thing. No more curling up by the stereo. I find it hard to relate to working with Youth, ‘Kan-do West’, etc. Paul still writes great songs, but they are showing up less and less these days. I can’t stand Driving Rain. Chaos bores me. I’ve listened to New all of two or three times.

    But I still love listening to Red Rose Speedway. Those were the days.

  12. Tammy says:

    Yes, Ringo’s Bad Boy is a whole other level of I don’t know what. The Beatles troubles quite often showed up in their music.

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