Sadly, in her death she’s separated from Paul: she’s not Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney’s wife; but Linda McCartney, the late, great Linda McCartney. And I think people were so jealous of her, especially women. Other people criticized her because they really didn’t get it, they thought that all she wanted was to wave a tambourine and be onstage, but it was the last thing that she seemed to want. She was discussing the music of Wings, she was enthusiastic about organic vegetables, art, flowers, green tea, saving animals and certainly being a mother. I think that she was devoted to pleasing Paul and she fed his needs. She’s nurturing and that nurturing was sometimes responding to ‘Give me a little Scotch, honey,’ or ‘Hold my hand’; it was whatever he wanted. But not in a snap-your-fingers, here, ‘Jump, honey’ way. I could never call it subservient, because there was nothing subservient about her. If she gave him a glass of water, she was regal in giving it. She anticipated his needs and she met them, but not as if she was beneath him in any way or beneath anybody. That was part of the gracefulness and beauty of her personality, because she just was who she was. Linda Stein.

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  1. Ishie says:

    She gave him love. She showed him how to live life, free of schedules and appointments. She made a home for him … gave him roots & a family of his own. He became her world and she became his.
    In the early days of their relationship much was said and written about Paul & his American divorcee-mother of one. It didn’t appear that many took a moment to think that maybe there was something about her that made her different from the rest. It was mostly negative. Paul nicely & lovingly said when interviewed by his daughter Mary that Linda was a woman and the rest had been girls. He always referred to her as ‘his girl’ even after many years of marriage.
    To me, Linda was always very real … open .. honest … earthy. She had a lovely smile, and a natural beauty.
    An advocate for many, a loving wife & mother … she will always be missed!

  2. d- says:

    Don’t you think he did a lot of things for her, too? He supported her in her cookbooks venture and in her frozen foods company. Heck, he completely changed his eating habits because of her. She was the chief vegetarian and animal-rights activist in the family. He may not have even become the world’s best known vegetarian if not for her. He was following her lead. In many ways, he took on aspects of her interests and personality.

  3. Ishie says:

    d … absolutely, I think that they were one another’s ‘biggest fan’. They learned and grew not only as a couple but as strong & determined individual artists.

  4. Mariana says:

    I agree with you all.

  5. Rani says:

    So excited for her new photography book that’s coming out this year.

  6. Jennifer says:

    That was such a heartfelt and beautiful post, thank you sharing this with us. : ) <3

  7. Jim says:

    She’s a perfect example of why you should limit the “Beatle” photo blog to the Beatles. Had any of the incarnations of Wings been a great band, it would have been a shame to have her up there just because she was his wife. But they weren’t great bands so who cares.

  8. Cindy B says:

    I miss Linda everyday. She was such a lovely lady. They were soul mates and even though Paul has moved on in his life, I know he will never forget her. I can not wait for the new book. I will be the lst in line to get it. I know it will be a beautiful book.

  9. Shelly says:

    I hope Paul or his children read this site. Tammy, that was so sweet.

  10. Tammy says:

    And that comment Jim is a perfect example of why i do what the fuck i please. :-)

  11. Nick says:

    Bravo! Miss her! And I miss her voice on his records and I don’t give a shit what anyone says about her signing! She was just fine and gave it her all when she sang! Love it!

  12. CS says:

    “with the lovely flowers in her hair”

    More Linda pics please! =D

  13. yesiamize says:

    Linda was GREAT, so is Paul, and I loved them together.

  14. d- says:

    Seriously, Jim? In 1976, Wings had an incredibly successful tour, and the band got rave reviews. The band — not just Paul, all of them. All these years later, you have to come on here and be a hater? Pretty sad. … I’m among those who think Ram is a masterpiece, as good as Plastic Ono Band and All Things Must Pass, and more interesting, musically, than either of them. And one of the reasons Ram is so good is Linda’s vocals. They were a good balance with Paul’s sweet voice, giving the music an edge that it wouldn’t have had without Linda. … I’ll never understand why people continue to bear a grudge against a woman who was merely working with her husband and giving it her all.

  15. Jim says:

    d-, it’s pretty sad when someone has a different opinion than yours, you brand them a “hater,” in a knee jerk reaction.

    You state that Wings got rave reviews without nary a word about the face that Macca was constantly asked by many of those vary reviewers why his wife was up on stage with him. Years later, when one of her live vocal tracks from Hey Jude made its way to the public ears, people were no longer wondering. They knew it was because she was his wife, period.

    You claim people “bear a grudge,” against Linda. Newsflash, no one forces anyone to take a stage anywhere. But if I or anyone else puts myself out there, I’m fair game for fair criticism that’s limited to what I do while on it. That’s not “hating.”

  16. Kwai Chang says:

    I just hope the 70s never return in fashion…am I too late?
    (…and all opinions are legitimate since they collectively make good argument against censorship)

  17. d- says:

    Jim, I’m just put off by your sexism. You act like the Beatles never sang a bad note, or never made a vocal mistake on stage, when anyone who has listened to their live recordings knows they made plenty of mistakes. Heck there are plenty of bad takes in the studio of John Lennon singing very badly.

    It’s hard to sing, and sometimes you screw up. I would never argue that Linda’s voice was the equal or Paul’s or John’s. That would be nonsense. But Linda had a quirky voice that added a unique quality to records like Ram and to Wings songs. There are many quirky singers like her, who don’t have powerful pipes or a traditional voice, yet nonetheless add dimension to a performance and make interesting music. (Yoko anyone?)

    I think your argument is simplistic. And my main argument was that the Wings band in 1976 WAS a great band. How soon we forget that Paul’s 76 tour was a huge, huge success because the band was a great live act.

  18. d- says:

    Also, fyi, that Hey Jude vocal track you mention is said to be a hoax. Google it. It was put together by a radio station that messed with the sound mix to make her sound terrible as a joke. And even if it’s not a hoax (and who really knows) one vocal track doesn’t prove anything.

  19. julio serra says:

    She came into Paul’s life on the right time. John was with Yoko most of the time, so Linda’s become a strong support for Paul. He liked her so much that he invited her to join Wings, which was his job. And she did good, just like ‘My Love’ says. We all miss her.

  20. Jim says:

    Her vocals on No More Lonely Nights are atrocious, and they are no hoax.

  21. Jim says:

    d-, because she happened to be female, my criticism of her performances is not sexist, per-se. So quit being silly.

    As I plainly stated, IMO and I’m hardly the only one, Wings in all of its incarnations was, as a band mediocre at best, and at times a ragged, thrown together group of Macca sidemen, men that is save Linda. She takes no blame for most of that. Individually the players had talent. Some were great. But as a band they had very little chemistry.

  22. d- says:

    Jim: Whatever. John Lennon’s voice on Live Peace in Toronto sounds absolutely terrible. We can all come up with examples of bad singing.

    Listen to Paul and Linda on Great Day off Flaming Pie. Great song, in part because of Linda’s great backing vocal.

  23. d- says:

    This is my final post: Whether they were a ragged, thrown together, changing band is not the point. The point is that Wings was a great live act in the late 70s — as was commonly acknowledged at the time but that critics now like to conveniently forget.

  24. Jim says:

    You’re conveniently forgetting as I already pointed out, PM was constantly being asked why Linda was on stage, not only in the 70s but the decades that followed. That is in those reviews you keep talking about. So quit trying to revise history.

    Sure, anyone can have a bad gig. But no one wondered why John Lennon was up there. It wasn’t just because he was sleeping with someone. Yoko and Linda, on the other hand…

    So hey, if you want to label anyone who doesn’t agree with you as “a hater”, anyone who fairly criticizes a woman as “sexist,” and then respond with “whatever,” more power to you.

  25. D- says:

    OK, I lied. It wasn’t my last post. Dude, this was a thread intended to HONOR the woman. You were the one who came on this thread to insult, demean, and dismiss her (and Yoko) as just a wife. That was right classy of you, and it’s sexism in my book. You chose to focus on the times she may have fell short rather than the times she enhanced the music.

  26. Jim says:

    D-, you know there was one reason, and one reason alone that Yoko and Linda were ever on stage in Wings, the Plastic Ono Band and/or any other musical performance they were ever a part of outside of a grade school talent show, and it wasn’t musical talent, or prior musical experience.

    You have no retort for this so you call fair, if not blindingly logical criticism/opinion, not to mention an accurate recollection of history, an insult, hating, sexism, not classy, and no doubt something else irrelevant (in your next post) because well, that’s what you do.

    You mention her enhancing the music. I’ve listened to and read a lot of things posted by Beatles fans and I’m not sure I’ve read anything by any of them about Linda enhancing the music. I guess they’re all a bunch of classless, sexist, haters, LOL.

  27. Tammy says:

    I’ll wade in .. but only just, call me a fried hippy, but the spirit of this site is fun, light and love, i don’t give a shit why Yoko and Linda were there, if they weren’t it’s probable John and Yoko wouldn’t have been either, it’s what Paul and John wanted, and more power to the women for putting themselves out there. I happen to love Linda and i’m glad she was part of Paul’s musical life, i can’t imagine Paul’s music of the time without her, the GREAT thing about Linda is she laughed off her limitations, she knew she was a punk, but hats off to her, i don’t know too many other women .. or ANYONE at the time, thrown up on the stage with almost no experience, in front of tens of thousands of people, most of them hyper critical of her, running a family, supporting a husband who’s life could only be regarded as a sureal existance compared to 99% of the world, maintaining an individuality in fashion and style, taking the odd photograph .. THAT’S the point of what i originally posted, and i think you missed that point Jim .. like i said, call me a one eyed, fried hippy, but i try to keep things light and loving and humerous around here, life is full of serious shit storms, and this blog is my effort to keep a little ‘Niceness’ .. and while ever i get dragged into these things, i just timed it, that’s twenty minutes i just missed posting more photo’s.

  28. Tammy says:

    Oh, in for a pound, in for a penny .. “Wings in all of its incarnations was, as a band mediocre at best” that is of course your opinion Jim, my opinion is that you’re completely and utterly incorrect :-)

    And just for that, and because i’m an acid fried twisted hippy, i’m gonna ramp up my “Wings postometer” for the next week or so, just to redress this farcial notion :-)

  29. Jim says:

    Yeah, Linda was a trooper, married to a multi-milionaire, with nannies at her beck and call, she managed to take her family on the road. They should build her a shrine.

    Ahem, I don’t see anyone defending her work on No More Lonely NIghts, LOL. *silence in the peanut gallery*

    Tammy, it’s your site. I enjoy it and thank you for it. While I may not be as light as many here, you might see that, while being called classless, sexist, a hater, etc., I haven’t, in fact, insulted anyone, including the women in question here.

    Otherwise, the Wings pictures funny : ) Keep ’em coming.

    They make me recall the lyrics of one John Lennon, commenting not only one one Paul McCartney but on the latter’s first wife:

    You live with straights who tell you you was king
    Jump when your momma tell you anything
    The only thing you done was yesterday

  30. D- says:

    Wow, Jim, keep talking. You have completely revealed yourself as misogynist and a Paul hater. Yes, you are a deeply classy guy. (And there’s nothing to defend about No More Lonely Nights. It’s a backing vocal. Big deal.)

    Tell me, when you go to funerals, do you insult the deceased too?

    I’m not wasting any more time on you. You’re not worth it.

  31. D- says:

    Tammy, thank you for injecting some sense into this thread. I apologize for getting irritated here. But sometimes you have to respond to ignorance with information. Linda definitely knew how to respond to her critics. 😉

  32. Aeolian Cadence says:

    These two photos (and Tammy’s wise comments) say so much about why so many of us loved Linda so much. Thanks for posting them.

  33. Tammy says:

    Jim , we could to and froe here but it’s boring me, come round to my place and i’ll pull out a John comment complimenting Paul and his solo stuff to counter each negative, it’s just the nasties that made the headlines, you want to hear John praise Ram?, come round to mine .. i’ve got the tape.

    Btw .. Linda’s vocals on ‘No more lonely nights’ shine, i’m a trained, professional singer, within her limitations she did just fine, you may or may not know that pulling apart a harmony vocal will always sound skewed, you put the other bits in place and it sounds beautiful .. just like the ethereal backing vocals of ‘Lonely’ .. which btw, is also Paul and Eric Stewart.

    Feel free to comment, but cheers mate for shitting on the original intent and spirit of the post.


  34. CS says:

    I’ll add to that:
    When Paul was working with Michael Jackson, Michael asked Paul “Who did those great backing vocals on the Wings records?”
    Paul responded, “Linda.”

  35. Kwai Chang says:

    (Can we talk about her skirt now?)

  36. A different Jennifer says:

    Ugh, Linda was/is my favorite Beatle wife. Actually, strangely enough it would be her AND Yoko. I liked how real they both were, and how intelligent and strong. They had their own things going on and were able to balance that while also being wives to two very powerful men. Linda seemed so genuine and loving. She was so beautiful, smart, and devoted to her family and the things she was passionate about. I honestly think her and Yoko are the two coolest rock and roll wives ever.

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