4 Responses to “THE FOURTH SCAFOLD:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Nothing screams “I’m Paul’s Brother” better than a name like McGear

  2. stephanie says:

    would Paul (now) be older than the age Jim was when this pic taken? The resemblance between father (then) and son (now) is remarkable. Except of course, and stating the obvious, Paul has a much more luxurious mane of hair

  3. mcarp555 says:

    Jim was born in 1902, so he would have been in his mid-sixties at this point, or younger than Paul is today.

    Thanks to my photographic lip-reading skills, I can see that he’s complaining to Mike: “Yer brother never lets me play piano with HIS band!”

  4. Lizzie says:

    mcarp, I love what you wrote! I remember Jim from when he used to visit Paul at Cavendish: nice man! And I love The Scaffold! Saw them live too, fab act.

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