ABOVE PICS: Paul and family in Paris earlier this week at Stella’s latest show, behind Paul you can see Linda’s sisters.

ABOVE PICS: After Paul’s latest court appearance on Thursday October 11, he went strait to son in law Alasdhair Willis’ latest gallery opening of his company Established and Sons. It now seems certain that things are going to get messy for Paul in court, but to me a picture speaks a thousand words, and here we have Paul lovingly surrounded by his kids and extended family with Dhani to show support, i think these photo’s speak a billion words and will obliterate anything ugly that is likely to surface in court.

ABOVE PICS: Olivia and Barbara also attended the party with Paul’s family, it’s always nice to see the Beatle family out supporting each other.

5 Responses to “THE FAMILY WAY:”

  1. Chris Lupetti says:

    Thank you for posting these photos. They are great!

  2. Chris Lupetti says:

    I wonder where Linda’s daughter Heather was? I have not seen any photos of her for years.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is nice to see Dhani together with the McCartneys. I know George would be backing Paul if he were here.

    Steve in the Bronx

  4. hiruma4 says:

    nice pic ! And I was really enjoying your site.

  5. Aniat says:

    Oh! Paul has an “all access” pass!
    So lucky…!


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