The above photo is a corker, i believe it show’s the first signs of Macca entering the ‘Men who look like old Lesbian’s’ phase, a very valuable historical moment.

As a solo Macca fan first and foremost, i never for a second have thought Macca has ‘really’ slipped, sure, from ‘Pipes to Press’ sure gave us a shitfull scare, and i think it gave Paul a scare, because he sat back, took stock, ditched the embarrasement .. an unrecoverable one i believe it would have been, of the ‘almost’ Phil Ramone album of 1988, and in 1989 grabbed us all by the collective balls .. or .. other bits, and let us know he was back, first came ‘Flowers in the dirt’, and then the world tour, and from that moment on he has been on the ascent, a couple of slight wavers, but a rocketing ascent that continues to this day, my Aussie mate Karen Freedman was there at the very start of this golden period, and it is she i must thank for these photo’s she took from front and centre.

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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Nice 5-string…he always was a clever lesbian…

  2. Tammy says:

    Honestly Kwai .. i have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about 90% of the time.

  3. d- says:

    Tammy, that makes two of us.

    On the old lesbian front, I don’t really get why people are just noticing this as he’s aged. There are pictures of Paul throughout his life where he looked vaguely feminine, don’t you think? There’s that beautiful photo of him at age 16 or something where he looks exactly like President Obama’s mother. He had beautiful features and was often saved from looking too feminine by that hint of razor stubble. Paul’s occasional androgyny in photographs is nothing new.

  4. d- says:

    By the way, I think Paul’s work since Flowers in the Dirt has been stellar, especially Chaos and Creation. And his latest Fireman record, Electric Arguments, is extraordinary.

  5. Lizzie says:

    What a relief! I thought I had “unlearnt” the English language: that makes 3 of us!

  6. Not Who You Think I Am says:

    Paul has been “pretty” his entire life. Cuter tham most girls.

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    Top pic is of a 5-string bass…someone else said he looked like a lesbian…but I don’t remember who…I said he was clever…

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    …but thanks for 3 wonderful compliments. If opinions become forbidden, please let me know…

  9. Tammy says:

    Opinions are always welcome, it’s just that sometimes i don’t always understand the comments :-) oh, and it was me in the caption who mentioned the ‘Old lesbian’ connection, it’s a joke between my friends and i, who love looking at the site ‘Men who look like old lesbians’ it’s a crack up, and i love finding some Paul contenders :-)

  10. Kwai Chang says:

    Tammy is the best, folks. I’m here all week (try the veal)…

  11. Sara S. says:

    Kwai…I get your jokes. Sometimes they even make me laugh. :)

  12. Kwai Chang says:

    “I would never satirize the obvious”…Lenny B.
    Thank you graciously, Sara S…then you’d love my non-jokes…they get more laughs than my jokes…hmmm.

  13. Nick says:

    I was at this private show in August, 1989, in NYC! They played for an hour and half! I was in heaven. It was a very small theatre and the first time I ever saw Paul live. At the end of the show(I will always, always remember this) Paul and Linda walked off the stage and as they exited that patted heach others butts. It was so sweet! Priceless moment!

  14. Brian says:

    First time seeing Paul live too, Madrid Nov ’89. I remember Linda videoing the audience.

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