Around Thanksgiving on the 26th of November 1980 Ringo, Barbara and Marjorie visited John and Yoko at the Plaza hotel for dinner, this would be the last time Ringo saw John, the photo’s above are of Ringo arriving at the Plaza, unfortunately no photo’s have surfaced of John and Yoko at the Plaza on this date.

5 Responses to “THANKSGIVING 1980:”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Barbara looks scary!

  2. JMA689 says:

    Ringo doesn’t look too happy on these pictures… not a smile.

  3. tnk says:

    Some books claim that around this time, John reportedly gave Ringo tapes with songs like “Nobody Told Me” for him to sing (since certain demos have John saying “This one’s gotta be for Ringo”). But according to Ringo, he never got the tapes from John, so he never covered the songs.

  4. Nancy says:

    month before john died :(

  5. Tom says:

    The last known photo of John and Ringo together (which was also the last known photo of John with another Beatle) was taken on May 29, 1979 by Fred Seaman and was published in Fred’s book. Interestingly, that was just ten days after Ringo performed with Paul and George at Clapton’s wedding.

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