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During one of my recent scans across ebay, i found the following photos of John and Yoko at the Dakota, these are interesting as i believe they are the first photos taken of John and Yoko in their new home, John only spent a short while living here before he seperated from Yoko in mid to late 1973, he wasnt to return ‘home’ until Feburary 1975. Being the trainspotting loon that i am, i couldnt help but notice that they were still using the same ‘directors’ chairs in the kitchen even in 1980 as they were when they first moved in, as the pictures show.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These three pictures above show John and Yoko on the 1th day of January 1976 after a hair cut for John who is been interviewed here by Elliot Mintz, singing “As Time Goes By” and so on. Very nice and rare! This is what I think.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not correct….John had his head shaved round the time of “Mind Games” in 1973 There are pictures of he and Yoko attending the Watergate hearings with his pate in the same condition as well as on the cover of his album, making the date stated in the original caption for these snaps spot on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hmm any reason fo’ da shave?

  4. debjorgo says:

    He shaved his head in ’70 for peace, didn’t he?

  5. Jason Cox says:

    The picture on the bottom was taken Dec 3rd 1980 in the kitchen of the Dakota building where he lived in New York by Annie Leibovitz for rolloing stone. Cool pics!

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