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Starting over

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005

Not sure if i’ve mentioned on here, but during November i’m going to be visiting Los Angeles, Washington and New York for the first time .. in fact this will be my first big oversea’s trip ever!.

Whilst in L.A i’m lucky enough to have tickets to two of Pauls concerts there, so i’m sure this Blog will be filled with Paul pic’s from those shows.

When i’m in New York the one place i want to hunt down and find is the location of where the ‘Hit Factory’ studios were in 1980, 353 West 48th St, this is where John recorded ‘Double fantasy’ .. my favorite album of his, and i think it’s pretty well documented on this blog how much i’m facinated by the 1980 period of John’s career. I thought finding the location of the studio’s was going to be easy .. W R O N G, i scoured the net, books and articles and couldn’t find too much information at all, in fact in some cases it was totally confusing, especially when articles list inacurate information and address’.

What i’ve found out is that the studio’s moved from the 1980 location to West 54th Street in 1991, which is where they stayed until the studio closed down only last year, originally the ‘Hit Factory’ opened up in 1968 .. i ‘think’ at West 42nd Street (Times square) then at some stage (perhaps 1975) the studio’s moved to 353 West 48th Street, but nowhere could i find an exact address or location, this is where being a bit of a Beatle detective has come in handy, i got out all my photo’s of John arriving at the studio and studied them for landmarks or signs in the background, finally as you’ll see in the photo where John is wearing a red shirt you can just make out behind him a sign ‘Hotel Bel……’

.. i wasnt sure what that was, i assumed it was ‘Bellview’ or something like that, then i searched ‘Google earth’ (fantastic program) and this confirmed, as the 1980 pictures showed, that West 48th was a one way street, then as i zoomed a little closer on Google earth a listing for a hotel ‘Belvedere’ on West 48th showed up, so bingo i now have the site and address located of the 1980 ‘Hit Factory’ .. now when i get there i have to try and work out exactly where it was, but i should get pretty close to sorting it out. with the Panorama photo click on that to enlarge it and scroll from left to right.

Update Sept 2010: Upon my vist to New York in 2005 i was able to confirm 100% that the ‘Hit Factory’ in 1980 was located at 353 West 48th St, at the time i was told it was being converted into apartments, but having since found this web site for Sear Sound it seems that at least up to 2008 it was a working studio, so if anyone is visiting NY anytime soon and wants to drop by and see if it is a studio, or been converted to apartments please drop me a line here to let us know.

Pic 1) John wearing the red shirt, you cant make it out in this pic, but behind
him is a sign for the Hotel Belvedere.

Pic 2) This is facing down the other direction of the road

Pic 3) The actual entrance to the studio

Pic 4) Google earth image of West 48th st and the Hotel Belvedere which was only
a few buildings up from the studio

Pic 5) A panorama photo i made up of John outside the studio, this pic starting
from left to right covers almost 360 degree’s