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Monday, October 17th, 2011

Two snaps of Dhani taken by your own Miss Tammy at her “Miss Tammys School Of Interpretive Dance Acadamy”. Being as close as i am to the family, young Dhani dosses down at Tingle Manor during his many trips .. down under. Since a lad he’s always been facinated by my pantiless cossack dancing, and during his last visit finally persuaded me to instruct him in the fine art of Interpretive cossack dancing, all set to the soundtrack of “Amarillo” i think you’ll have to agree, i taught him well, he has nailed my moves .. albeit, with pants.


Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Wow, in no time at all this site has just clocked over it’s three millionth hit, that totally blows my mind .. and i’m doing a little yogic move to pat myself on the back. Cheers and thanks to all the nice people who visit, have been kind, have contributed and are friends. A hearty
“Lick it” to the angry’s, the homophobes and nasty’s who bully and threaten .. but in truth just bore me.

Call me a self promoting whore, but if anyone has any product that they’d like me to review, ie books, cd’s etc, please feel free to contact me to send it along, i mean who do you have to fuck around here to get a freebie? :-) (I of course have my eyes set on the deluxe ‘Band on the run’ reissue .. i admitted i’m a whore, what more do you want?)

Who know’s what the next three million hits will bring, hopefully lots more photo’s of good, happy, productive, creative times in and around the Beatle family. Now please excuse me me while i go have a celebratery sniff of amyl, zing off a party popper, and keep an eye on my Amazon wish list for the congratulatery gifts to start pouring in xoxo