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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Unlike Ringo who now uses his birthday to call for people to chant ‘Peace and love’ (or my variant ‘Grease and shove’) like inane ninny’s, i’d like to use mine to say a hearty, and heartfelt thank you to all the nice people who take the time to look in here, steel themselves to be offended, and sometimes enjoy the photo’s i post, it’s just a hobby for me, but one that seems to be important to a lot of people, so i really do appreciate your appreciation, it’s not what i’m doing it for, so it’s a bonus when people let me know they enjoy what i do, it’s a double bonus when i know i’ve got someone in a state of ‘Angry of Mayfair-ness’ :-) . I’m glad after my little summer break to see a lot of you back here. Even tho this site costs me a bomb, i wont be putting up advertising, i want this site to keep it’s editorial freedom, and the original intent of passing on, and sharing the fun. The sole reason i started this blog was to share, and spread the joy of the Fabs, i can’t begin to calculate the fun, and happiness the Fab’s have brought me over the years, not to mention the best friendships i could ever dream of, life long friends, keepers.

So, i’m happy to have made it to another birthday, and i’m very happy to have been born at a time when i shared the earth at the same time as the Beatles, i just know in hundreds of years time, future fans will lament our good fortune.


Monday, December 21st, 2009

Ahhhh, such sweet memories, in the early to mid ninties i used to book the suite in Sydney that The Beatles stayed in during their Aussie 1964 tour, it was Room 801 at the Sheraton and it was a great place for parties, we had a ton of them and there sure are some stories to tell some day, the best thing was all the fixtures were original from the 1960’s, so we all took turns at being photographed in Paul’s original old closet and not so strangely i became most attached to the toilet that the Beatles used, a little bit of an intervention had to be performed on me every time a guest wanted to use the toilet, i found it harder and harder to religuish my loving grasp on this most special of receptacles. Alas now the hotel has been turned into appartments but at least the facade is original, great times, great times.