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Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The above photo is a corker, i believe it show’s the first signs of Macca entering the ‘Men who look like old Lesbian’s’ phase, a very valuable historical moment.

As a solo Macca fan first and foremost, i never for a second have thought Macca has ‘really’ slipped, sure, from ‘Pipes to Press’ sure gave us a shitfull scare, and i think it gave Paul a scare, because he sat back, took stock, ditched the embarrasement .. an unrecoverable one i believe it would have been, of the ‘almost’ Phil Ramone album of 1988, and in 1989 grabbed us all by the collective balls .. or .. other bits, and let us know he was back, first came ‘Flowers in the dirt’, and then the world tour, and from that moment on he has been on the ascent, a couple of slight wavers, but a rocketing ascent that continues to this day, my Aussie mate Karen Freedman was there at the very start of this golden period, and it is she i must thank for these photo’s she took from front and centre.