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Monday, June 18th, 2012

Happy birthday Paul!!, if anyone deserves a happy birthday it’s you. A man who’s music, voice and lyrics has done nothing but bring happiness and joy, as well as comfort to more people on earth than can be counted.

My own love affair with Paul began in 1973 when i heard ‘Long Tall Sally’ for the first time, and just like in the movie Wizard of Oz, my world went from black and white, to colour.

All too soon the music of Paul, and the Beatles would be used by me as an escape from a world that i found increasingly hard to deal with, and to understand.

But as soon as i put on my headphones and closed my eyes, i had an escape, into a worderful musical world of comfort.

The joy and comfort has continued on through the decades, it’s been there through happy and sad times, right through to the surreal moment of actually meeting him, talking to him, and being able to thank him for giving me the most wonderful life raft imaginable.

To this very day i feel so lucky to have connected with this man and the music he makes, and the music he makes today is every bit as enjoyable and profound as the very first note he ever struck.

So Paul, Macca, Sir Thumbs aloft, long may your joy envelope the world, long may people feel tingles and shivers through their bodys the first time they hear your voice.

If i never told you i love you before, i was only waiting for a better moment, and that moment is this one. xoxo