Sydney press conference.

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  1. I have lots of photos of myself and my friends . . and my lady in waiting Princess Stephanie taken in this very location. Every birthday I would book the rooms the Beatles stayed in in Sydney, and throw a party (as parties go they were pretty legendary). Perhaps the highlight was the year Tammy Tingles made an appearance on the street, waving up to all the peering party goers.

  2. stephanie says:

    rare colour pic from that day, very nice. I can confirm Ms Tammy’s parties were legendary, and I consider it an honour I was invited. By amazing co incidence, yesterday I walked past the Beatles Hotel in Sydney, almost 51 years to the day that the Fabs visited my home city, as I looked up at the 8th floor where the fabs waived down at the crowds, I thought of Ms Tammy’s great parties in the Beatle suite. And her artful pose on the Beatle Toilet, left quite an impression, one that has taken years of therapy to erase… without success.

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