SYDNEY 1993:

Paul and Linda photographed in Sydney by our very own Princess Stephanie, who also happens to share a birthday with Paul, sure she hasn’t brought quite as much joy to as many people as Paul, but she has certainly brought quite a lot of joy to as many as she has been able to (within the limits and boundaries of common, and i do mean ‘common’ decency), post all salutions below to a lovely lady.

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  1. Beatlemark says:

    Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  2. Aeolian Cadence says:

    Happy, happy birthday!

  3. no-name says:

    This photo is creepy. 😀

  4. stephanie says:

    Thanks Ms Tammy!! and thanks fellow Blog fans. I feel honoured to share my birthday with my hero Paul.

    I took this photo on 16th March, 1993, at the rear of Sydney Entertainment Centre, as Paul & Linda were leaving after their first Sydney concert on the New World Tour. The slightly “ghostly” quality was by accident. I was too far away (50 metres) to use flash. The light was poor. I used a tripod and slow shutter speed, hence the blurry effect.

    For me this was an unforgettable, amazing moment, because it was the first time I saw Paul and Linda in real life!!

    I was lucky I guessed correctly which door they would exit. Dozens of fans were waiting at the wrong door 200 metres away, fooled by the “decoy” limo. I was the only fan who guessed (correctly) Paul would get on the bus with his family and the band, and not the limo. What a thrill!

    Later that week I saw Paul in two concerts, and met him, and shook his hand, at an in-store signing!! One of the greatest weeks of my life !!

  5. stephanie says:

    another bit of Paul tour trivia from that week in March 1993.
    I actually had a drink of Paul’s wiskhey. True story.

    One of my friends, a chef, was working as a kitchen hand on Paul’s Australian tour. As many fans may know, Paul likes to warm up his vocal chords before each show with a nip of Whiskey or two. After the last show on the Australian tour, at Parramatta Stadium, my friend was given Paul’s bottle of Scotch, (Johnny Walker) , which was about 3/4 full, which had been retrieved from Paul’s dressing room.

    My friend also commented that Linda had gone out of her way to chat with all the kitchen staff on the tour, was very friendly and totally down to earth.

    My friend and I later shared a drink of whiskey from Paul’s bottle of Scotch, as we reminisced about the concerts and of each meeting Paul. Wonderful times.

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