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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Two different people
    taking photographs
    don’t let them tell you
    who you’re supposed to be.
    This is crazy and baby
    it doesn’t look like me.
    That was your first mistake.
    You broke your upper lip and split it in two
    Now what can be done for you?
    Thank God, we have two!


  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Macca Multiples…
    I mean…it LOOKS like different individuals.
    The camera lies
    I didn’t know what I would find there
    Ooooh! And I suddenly see you…and you…and you!

  3. Michoo says:

    did I tell you I need you….every single daaaay!!…

  4. Since 1963 says:

    Always loved Paul with long hair.

  5. Michoo says:

    yep, thick, strong, raven hair he`s had;

  6. Lizzie says:

    photos by linda mc.

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    Thanks, Lizzie!
    Linda’s photography skills were very hip…coolly subtle…100% organic
    AND…Quite often revealing!
    But…that, too, is a double edged sword.
    I don’t think she was so good that SHE THOUGHT she could ever find a subject so perfect…to pose exactly the same way twice w/ matching hair…
    “He always strikes the previous pose unless specifically asked not to”.
    I’m more than suspicious about at least one of these pics. The only difference is a slight crop. Otherwise, I think one of these MUST be an imposter. But, I can’t decide which one. The ‘lip’ pic looks Beatle…
    The ‘smiley’ pic looks Wings.
    I’m just tellin’ it like it is!

  8. Tammy says:

    Both Paul, both a frame apart. Recently a number of new photos turned up on a site, many of them seem to be from frame to frame. When I get home I’ll be posting more :-)

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Thanks for these. They are awesome. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful. I just thought the color correction was applied to one ‘face'(but, not the rest of the picture…or, to the other picture). I don’t think anyone around here would try to deceive us. Maybe I think that ANY Abbey Road era Paul pics are just too good to be true…
    If there are more…
    Then, I really am dreaming!

  10. Tammy says:

    I tried to work on these pics, but the colour was drained from some of them, alas there was little i could do :-(

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