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  1. Dan says:

    Wow! Another new one. First appearance of Rosewood Tele in the Abbey Road sessions? Maybe not…

  2. Bill C says:

    I can almost imagine this is from the solos during ‘the End ‘

  3. thanks for posting this Tammy, never seen this before.

  4. Kwai Chang says:

    Lead guitar battlefield saw no prisoners taken…
    no casualties…
    just blood on the fingertips.

  5. Dan says:

    Never occurred to me that it was “The End”, but that makes some sense. I’d always imagined GH playing Lucy on that session, but for no good reason.

  6. henry_the_horse says:

    Not “The End” since Lennon was absent due to car crash in Scottland. This is “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” session.

  7. henry_the_horse says:

    And there are other Rosewood Telecaster photos from Abbey Road. 17th April 1969 session for “Something”/”Old Brown Shoe” featuring the Rosewood Telecaster through a Leslie 147R has been posted on this blog on 20th February 2013. Seen here:

  8. But John plays on Maxwell, acoustic guitar?.

  9. Erin says:

    I love this shot; very curious as to what session this is from.

  10. henry_the_horse says:

    McCartney played the acoustic on “Maxwell”. Harrison, bass and lead guitar. Lennon did not play on that song.

  11. henry_the_horse says:

    I mean, McCartney played THE acoustic. He also played piano, synthesiser and lead guitar.

  12. Tammy says:

    Really?, wow . . the Rockband extractions made it sound like a band run through, Paul piano, John acoustic, George bass (maybe). I thought there was some dialog too that showed John was at the session. I guess this is what happens when they remix things, and mix in dialog for these new projects.

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