1. Kwai Chang says:

    Now, there’s a collectable I’ve never seen…
    (Handbill, program, flyer) Thank you, Tammy!

    I wonder if anybody kept the ladder or the magnifying glass.
    I’m sure the ‘painting’ must be in Yoko’s collection.

  2. Michael says:


  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these, very cool. : )

  4. Cara says:

    Wow, a phenomenal collectible! But I have a ? about the dates… Lewisohn (and others) have put the meeting of J&Y as November 9, which, according to this flyer, would have been the second day of the show, not the night before the opening, as has always been claimed. Anyone know why the discrepancy?

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    Good eye for details!!!
    Although I don’t know too much about the meeting at Indica, it is a point that needs to be clarified. It seems the cosmic sparkle of the story would be diminished if the meeting was anything but completely random. Maybe Paul knew Robert Fraser…or, helped him get the gallery opened in the beginning. But, I thought John happened upon the exhibit because of the art…was the art so avant-garde that he heard about it before the show opened? Or did the gallery cause a buzz around town that the Beatle naturally gravitated to? Or, was Yoko Ono the very first showing at the newly established gallery? Otherwise, I’m worried that the meeting was not random at all…but, instead, the result of some low-profile ‘matchmaking’. I can’t think of many ‘organic’ reasons for a special preview to be held…especially when Yoko claims that she didn’t know who John was when they met.
    I’ve always thought that it was a simple meeting of two strangers…with no preconceived notions about each other. Yoko had heard of the Beatles…but, she didn’t know John was John Lennon when they met. John had heard of the cool showing at the gallery…but Yoko Ono was just the artist that was currently featured at the Indica. That’s the way I perceived it. And, maybe the horse-drawn carriage was to turn back into a pumpkin at 5:00am…
    but, other than that, it was all random and of their own volition.
    I hope so, anyway.
    Thanks, Cara!

  6. Ishie says:

    Great observation Cara & comment by Kwai. There is one website Beatles Bible that states the meeting of J&Y happened at (approx) 6pm on November 7, 1966 at Indica Gallery with an introduction by gallery owner John Dunbar. Over the years there have been various questions about the actual name of Yoko’s exhibit ranging from Unfinished Paintings to Unfinished Paintings and Objects to Yoko at Indica. Some I Believe based upon different articles written at the time of the exhibit.
    I know that Paul along with Barry Miles were part of a group that supported John’s gallery. In fact, Paul had done a few sketches of the gallery’s design/sign/logo etc. Paul was pretty involved in what was happening in the London art scene at that time.
    We have enchanted by this act of kismet when J&Y first met and had that “when they got it” moment. Great initial happening of a romance yet to come. Let’s hope that it was merely a fact mix up in the actual day. I know that John believed all the happenings in his life centered around the number 9 and this meeting of the minds date of the 9th of November would certainly loom in the legend that we would come to know.
    This is a great topic for discussion ….
    My best to all!

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    Thank you!
    Oops! I meant John Dunbar…not Robert Fraser

  8. Cara says:

    Thanks for bringing some clarity, Ishie. Glad to know Joe was already on it. I’m now thinking John was just wrong about the date because there are descriptions of the event by both Yoko and Dunbar saying that it was before the opening. ML has John returning from Spain on the 7th, so that’s got to be wrong… Joe of the Beatles Bible has it as the 6th. (Wonder if dates will be revised in Turn On.) With his Gripweed Haircut and Spanish tan, John must’ve cut quite a dashing figure, which is more like Yoko’s description than John’s (unshaven and tripping for days before).

    Kwai, in those days John and Dunbar were tripping mates. They’d dose together in Dunbar’s London flat and at Kenwood as well. My guess is that John, returning from two months abroad with Cyn, was itching for an experience, so he headed to his buddy’s flat and Dunbar told him something like, “We’re having this opening tomorrow, so meet me at the Gallery. By the way, I think you’d dig this chick’s work…”

    Although, like all couples, I’m sure some details of their meeting have been romanticized, I tend to believe it was an “Aha!” moment. They were both desperately trying to escape bad marriages and looking for new directions. It probably wasn’t instant love, but a magical moment of, as Ishie called it, “romance yet to come.” The spark.

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Thanks, again! That would all be fine!
    (Manipulation free is the best way to be)

  10. Ishie says:

    Cara, I like to think of it as an “aha” moment. They found something in one another that filled a void that was not able to be filled until they met. I think that this thirst or yearning (on John’s part at least) had once been filled by the friendship he had with Stuart, his relationship with Cyn especially in his Art Institute days and the musical dreams that were fulfilled by songwriting with Paul and his life with the Beatles. As John said when interviewed in 1980, there were “only two people he chose to be his partner Paul McCartney & Yoko Ono, and that’s not bad picking.” To me that said it all about the depths of his feelings towards Paul … It made Paul’s lyric “and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make”.

  11. Derek says:

    Maybe I’m mixing up mythologies, but didn’t Ms Ono have some form of contact with Beatle Paul before she ever met Beatle John?

    On another note, it must be really odd for Paul and Ringo to live alongside reference books that document practically everything they ever did anywhere.

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