Stepping out.




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  1. Guus says:

    22 May 1968, walking between Arethusa restaurant on King’s Road and Apple Tailoring, also on King’s Road

  2. Joy says:

    Never noticed this before – Yoko smokes?

  3. MarkZapp says:

    Yes Yoko smoked. All of The Beatles girls did in the 1960’s. There is a film clip of John and Yoko being interviewed around 1971 and she is smoking like a chimney. There are even a few of Jane Asher smoking. I’ve seen a few of Linda smoking too.

  4. Joy says:

    I guess everyone thought smoking was glamorous at that time. I even did (a pack a day) but have been CLEAN for over 40 years!

  5. Nick D. says:

    I think this was the very first time John & Yoko were first photographed together in public. An historic day, indeed!

  6. Jimilast says:

    Great pics! The story goes that John borrowed Yoko’s fur coat for roof top gig yet he’s seen wearing the same one loads of time before that date. Even in late 67, way before things with Yoko got serious.

  7. stephenmcg says:

    In the recent “Looking through you”book theres a shot of Johnny Dean ,of beatles monthly,talking to John,on a continuation of the same walk in street and JDs unaware that Yoko is with him.
    As she is at session for “fool on the hill “some 7 or 8 months before I find this odd.
    Was the “revolution” session before or after above?
    The looks on the faces of Paul and Jane with John and Cyn at Grapefruit(irony )group launch are very strained.

  8. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    The “Revolution” session that Sean O’Mahony (aka Johnny Dean) and Leslie Bryce (photographer) attended was a fortnight after this – on 4 June. Sean and Leslie were unaware of Yoko’s significance until then. The Fool On The Hill session (on 25 September ’67) was captured by a Japanese photographer and unconnected to Sean or Leslie.

  9. Tammy says:

    Nice one Datey.

  10. stephenmcg says:

    My point was that as Mr J Dean was running a magazine about them youd think hed be aware of her connection ,if not of the private relationship itself.
    Im aware that the “fool on the hill”pictures were not part of beatles monthly as they only ever showed shots of a Paul/Ringo MMT session.
    This walk to the show does seem as though John wanted it public.
    Even in the later mad day pictures there is a should they or should they not,re the crowd behind railings picture,sometimes Yokos there others shes not,though rest of crowd has barely moved.

  11. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Even if Sean did know about their relationship (which he didn’t when these pics were taken), The Beatles Book was a fan magazine and he never broached the subject of their private lives in its pages unless it became public and even then it was swiftly dealt with i.e. we’re not going to talk about it – its a private matter. This is all talked about in the recent Looking Through You book.

  12. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    P.S. Looking Through You’ also makes clear that The Beatles Monthly had minimal access to the band by this time so if there were whispers of something happening between John and Yoko within the Beatles’ inner circle, they would not have necessarily filtered through to Sean O’M (Johnny D).

  13. Alan Messer says:

    I am the photographer on the left.
    I don’t remember the moment, only being in Club Dell’Aretusa, meeting George and John and John asking me to take some pictures for him.
    I was seventeen. My photographs from this event are quite well known.

    Do you know who took this photograph?

    Alan Messer

  14. Tammy says:

    No idea who the photographer is sorry.

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