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9 Responses to “STARTING OVER:”

  1. Ishie says:

    Great photos …especially the one of a ‘resting’ John. I am currently reading Ken Sharp’s book ‘Starting Over: The Making of John & Yoko’s Double Fantasy’, a wonderful account of that period. The comments & photos give the reader a sneak peak into what was happening in the studio. It is the definitive tribute to John, Yoko, the producers & musicians that made ‘Double Fantasy’ an intimate & creative success!

  2. A Different Chris says:

    Is there a date or source on the limo picture? It looks to be fairly late 1980.

  3. James says:

    I too love those pictures of John in late 1980. Maybe because we now know what happened that I find a special meaning in all of those photos. I too love Ken Sharp’s book and really touched me by reading the way they describe the humor, warmth and character of this unique man (John Lennon). He was so amazing.

    By the way did anyone notice that John had so many different hair styles in the last few months of his life. However what was kinda errie was that I watched Nowhere Boy and then ran across those photos on the last day and he had just cut his hair like his Teddy Boy days and was wearing the leather jacket and the jeans with the cuffs rolled up. He was almost back to where he started.

  4. Brian says:

    He looked very good on whatever day this was: totally timeless.

  5. Ishie says:

    James, you’re right. John did have several different ‘looks’ during this time and yes, he did go back to his ‘teddy boy’ days which fit the sound & style of ‘Starting Over’, didn’t it? The look in the photos above is my favorite though … he looked relaxed, happy & handsome.

  6. viper says:

    I loved the 1980 pictures of John. He went through several hair styles, almost as much as he did through the entire 70s, in just one year.

    Towards the end he was going back to his “roots”… Roots, get it? He had the the Beatlish mop top hairstyle going on. Then on his last day, he got a slicked back haircut and wore a black leather jacket, black shirt, cuffed jeans with black boots… Looking very much like the late 50s rocker he started out as. He looked great!

  7. James says:

    According to Mimi, she said that in the last phone call, John was saying that he missed Liverpool and wanted to go back there for sometime. He did seem to be reconnecting with his past.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thank you very much for sharing these. : )

  9. Hiro says:

    Those pics were taken on Sep.18,1980,during photo sessions for DF cover art.The session were held on 15th and 18th. I heard that the cover art was taken on the first day,so they seems to 18th(different shirt).

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