Starting over

Seeing as this year marks the 25th year since Johns passing, i thought i’d spend the next few months reliving in photos and memories the last few months of Johns life. I didnt become a Beatle fan until 1975, by that time John had pretty much retired and become a househusband. So it wasnt until 1980 that i got to experience the excitement of having John active and recording, i was only 15 but the memories of those last six months of 1980 are so vivid in my mind. Thats why in the ensuing years its been my passion to track down and find any, and all photos and recordings from that time, its a way for me to hold on to the only time i ever ‘knew’ John, and had him around while i was a fan. I must say i’ve collected a large number of photos and this blog is the perfect way for me to share them. I really feel lucky that in those last few months John looked (and still does in these pics) so cool and contemporary. If any readers have pics or stories to share of John in 1980 i’d love to see and hear them.

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