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3 Responses to “SQUATER:”

  1. GLCompany says:

    Roundhill, Compton Ave. London

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    (Slow me up…speed me down)
    Are we hanging out with someone new?
    I don’t think Ringo ever looked so emaciated…EVER!
    Is this really 1969?

    If it looks like a skinny duck…
    and, waddles like a skinny duck…
    and, quacks like a skinny duck…
    then, it’s probably meth
    (Although, I hate to judge…
    and, pictures can lie…
    The ‘look’ is fairly incriminating and cannot be faked)

    In this regard, the picture is a rarity.

  3. derek says:

    Ringo’s not on Ice, Grasshopper…
    But I do think they took quite a bit of speed as Beatles: famously fueled Hamburg, John’s thank you for the Purple Hearts, him taking acid thinking it was speed during Fixing A Hole, Pete Brown’s wraps going round on the NY Apple visit. Always there but not talked about as much as other “fab gear”.

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