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  1. Hitachi says:

    Sorry Tammy you are way off (Are you off your meds again??) Not only is this band more than a duo they are not even British. The band is “Attitudes” (Who recorded for Dark Horse Records) featuring good old Beatle buddy drummer, Jim Keltner (how could you not spot him in the pic?). In fact the band was a supergroup of session musos. Besides Keltner there was David Foster, Paul Stallworth and the great Danny Kortchmar. Pick was taken in LA circa July 1975. So you had better change the title for this one Tammy!

  2. MarkC says:


  3. Kwai Chang says:

    Eventually, you must face the facts…
    “You’ll never be KLAATU”
    Calling occupants
    of a spaceship named Peace
    (Captain Ulysses in disguise as George Harrison)

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